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Expensive Wardrobe Does Not Mean a Good Wardrobe

by Lisa Lyford
Expensive Wardrobe Does Not Mean a Good Wardrobe

I recently helped a woman out with her wardrobe. Whilst she had an amazing wardrobe full of exquisite & expensive clothes, her wardrobe wasn’t working effectively for her - her clothes weren’t talking to one another! Talking to one another? Each outfit stuck to itself and didn’t mingle with the others!  She would buy new outfits for different occasions with little wear beyond that. Not ideal, especially when she loved the pieces she’d bought.


We also found she didn’t have enough ‘foundation pieces’ that would enable her to mix her clothes up more.  Stylists refer to ‘capsule’ or ‘base’ wardrobes - these are key items, foundation pieces that can be used to help create lots of different outfits.  Everyone’s ideal capsule wardrobe will be different but some of the key pieces might include:


  • a pair of dressy pants and/or skirt
  • a pair of casual pants, e.g. jeans
  • a blazer/jacket
  • footwear - flat shoes (casual and/or dressy) and heels
  • occasional dress - something that can take you to those special events, and ideally with a change of accessories or accompanied with other garments, can be worn to work as well.


Opt for classic, versatile styling for these pieces in colours that will work well when you mix ‘n’ match them with other items in your wardrobe. It needn’t be black! Colours like navy, khaki, chocolate and stone work well with lots of colours.


Back to the wardrobe makeover - within the quick amount of time we had, we mixed and matched a lot of her garments to create new outfits and identified some gaps in her wardrobe, foundation pieces, that would help her create a whole lot more. The introduction of a few key pieces of jewellery also helped to change the look of some outfits.


She also had a fabulous jacket/cardigan that looked amazing on but she’d only worn it once and had been turned off it because someone passed a ‘not so favourable’ comment one day. It looked amazing on her and I showed her how it could become an integral part of her wardrobe. The moral of the story here - don't give up :)



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