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Don’t forget to floss

by Lisa Lyford
Don’t forget to floss

Popular advice years ago but do people still floss their teeth? Based on the informal research I did, it would seem only a handful of super diligent people floss on a regular basis.


I use an electric toothbrush (for at least two minutes at a time - using the brush timer) which gives my teeth a really good clean. I also rinse with mouthwash each morning for fresh breath and supposedly it also kills germs that lead to plaque and gum disease. I think I’m doing a pretty good job.


I recently decided to start flossing again - it was only laziness holding me back. Shock, horror - after going through my teeth cleaning ritual, I was horrified how much food was actually sitting between my teeth, but even more horrified by the smell as I cleared/cleaned it out! I was so embarrassed. I took myself off to the dentist thinking I must have gum disease or something! Anyway, I got a 100% good girl tick from the dentist and encouragement to continue flossing, with a word of caution to be gentle on the delicate gums so they don’t unnecessarily bleed.


The smell is the captured food that turns into bacteria, between your teeth and at the base of the gums. This can lead to gum disease and damaged teeth.


So my darlings, I encourage you to floss regularly as part of your dental care to ensure the best health of your teeth and gums. I appreciate it’s just another thing to do and think about, but it doesn’t take long and you don’t get a second chance with your teeth. Look after them.


Lisa x 



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