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Do Certain People Intimidate You?

by Lisa Lyford
Do Certain People Intimidate You?

Do certain people intimidate you?  I’ve certainly been intimidated by my fair share of people in the past, that is, until I learnt a wee trick.


I strip them down!


The types of people who used to intimidate me were senior people in high-powered roles - senior management, CEOs etc. In my previous company, I had to deal with this level of management all the time and at first would get nervous and uncomfortable if I was in a meeting with them, or worst, having to present to them. But if you strip them of their fancy title, their seniority and power within an organisation, their salary, etc - they’re a person just like you and me. They eat. They sleep. They get dressed. They do everyday things outside of the work environment that you and I do.


I was speaking to a woman recently who did exactly the same thing, though she literally ‘stripped them’ (of their clothes) in her mind. I can imagine that being one scary image!


Intimidation is often brought about by our own insecurities and lack of self-belief that we’re good enough. Okay, so you’re not a senior manager or CEO, for example, but you will have qualities they don’t, you will and do make a valuable contribution to life and society, just in a different way. Most people would be horrified if they thought they intimidated others.


However, there’s another type of person, one that uses intimidation to cover their own shortcomings, their insecurities. They do their level best to put you down or put you in your place to make themselves feel better. Do your best to quickly identify this behaviour and comfort yourself in the knowledge of what is happening and perhaps why.


Don’t let anyone intimidate you. Be confident in who you are and what you know and do. We ALL have something valuable to contribute; we just do it in different ways.

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