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Colour and Personality

by Lisa Lyford
Colour and Personality

There’s more to colours than just finding out if they suit your complexion and features. Do the colours work with your personality?


Working out the right colours for someone is complex. First we look at your overall features - the colour of your eyes, your hair, eyebrows and skin tone. We see what colours you respond well to, and those that you don’t.


  • You will suit a colour when you look radiant and healthy, when you spring to life.

  • A colour is not right for you when you look tired, perhaps sick and when some aspects of your face are over-emphasised, the ones you want to play down - wrinkles, blemishes and/or dark circles under your eyes. It's also not right when the colour's too dominant, when all you see is the colour and the garment itself, not you.


But this is only part of the equation. I had a client this week that suited 'light' and 'cool' colour palettes. However, her strong, bold personality didn't sit well with the 'light' colours, they were too soft and didn't have enough boldness or character to them.


Something to think about when you’re experimenting with colour.

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