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Celebrities without makeup

by Lisa Lyford
Celebrities without makeup

I hear it all the time... "it's okay for her, she's really attractive", all the while they're thinking I'm not so why bother, why make an effort!


It certainly doesn't help when we're constantly bombarded with images of gorgeous celebrities. The showbiz, fashion and beauty industries pour billions into making celebs look amazing, it's all about selling more movies, shows and product. Celebs themselves have an equally high stake in protecting or enhancing their image, they can't afford to be yesterday's news! 


We wanted to remind you that even celebs have a natural side to them too, away from the limelight.


Kim -kardashian

Kim Kardashian 


Apparently it takes Kim Kardashian 90 minutes every morning to get ready. She has a professional makeup artist and her beauty regime costs a staggering NZ$10,708 a month*.




Celebs with and without makeup!  


Http %3A%2F%2Fwww .thechictip .com %2Fwp -content %2Fuploads %2F2013%2F12%2Fheidi _klum _without _makeup

Heidi Klum


Penelope -cruz -without -makeup -celebs -without -makeup

Penelope Cruz



Mila _kunis _without _makeup

Mila Kunis


Pamela -anderson -without -makeup

Pamela Anderson



Top 10

Katy Perry 





As if these women aren't beautiful enough, it seems everyone is after that perfect shot. Talk about setting false and unrealistic expectations; is it any wonder a lot of women have hang-ups about their image!


This promotional piece, portraying Madonna before and after photoshop, says it all really. Oh and Happy Birthday Photoshop - 25 years!






Celebrities _before _and _after _photoshop _touch _ups _640_04

Angelina Jolie


Celebrity -photoshop -fails -18

Supermodel Kate Moss


Naomi _watts

Naomi Watts



under the scalpel


And we won't even go there, but of course many have surgical enhancements!


Meg -ryan -before -after -plastic -surgery1

Meg Ryan


Linda -Gray -Plastic -Surgery -Before -After

Linda Gray



So, next time you're ridiculously unfair on yourself, just remember this blog. And also remember, that with a little bit of effort, you too can look extra gorgeous.




Images sourced from internet. Main image: Tyra Banks

* in 2012!

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