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Best Fashion Shopping Advice

by Lisa Lyford
Best Fashion Shopping Advice


“…Our sessions were totally awesome and really relevant. Lisa encouraged us to try things that we would never have looked twice at. My sister looks five years younger by just wearing electric blue - who knew!  Our styling session with Lisa paid for itself at the time… this was a value plus exercise and I will do it again.” Julene




“I had a great morning with Lisa trying on clothes. I wandered around the shop first and found three possible outfits to try on, none of which were bought! Lisa found many options! Different colours and styles were tried on until we found the "just love" pile. My biggest lesson of the day... don't prejudge the clothes, try them on and you may be surprised!” Thanks Lisa, Wendy




“…a two-hour shopping session with Lisa to pick up some pieces to help complete my wardrobe and to hone my 'shopping technique'. It was fun to try on items I would usually never pick up, and to also try shopping at different stores. It was helpful to see what worked and what didn't, and to change my approach towards shopping. I feel more confident in choosing clothes now and knowing what works well for my body.” Rachel



And there’s more similar feedback where these came from!





see the common thread in this feedback? 


The best fashion shopping advice is to TRY. So often we pre-judge a garment (or accessory) before we’ve even given it a chance. It’s not its fault it doesn’t have any hanger appeal!


The best thing you can do when you’re out shopping is relax. Go into a store as if money is no object and have a good try on. Seek advice from the sales staff as well - they know their range and know what goes well with what.


TRY colours and styles you may not have considered previously.


ONLY buy what you absolutely love. Don’t buy because it ticks the box and will get you home faster - you know you do it! Buy because it ticks all the boxes - colour, the style suits your shape, it will go with other things in your wardrobe…


Keeping an open mind and trying things on is the biggest lesson most of my clients pick up from a session with me. It’s not that I tell them, they just experience it firsthand - seeing clothes they would never have considered that look amazing on them. They go away more confident shoppers and some actually end up enjoying shopping!


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