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Autumn/Winter '14 Trend Report

by Lisa Lyford
Autumn/Winter '14 Trend Report

We take a look at the key trends for this Autumn/Winter as worn in the Northern Hemisphere and influenced by the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London & New York. We show you how it’s playing out here as it starts hitting the stores.


Because the stock is only just arriving in stores, we are not able to provide examples for all trends.



1. Check it out


The biggest trend would have to be tartans, checks and stripes, including pinstripes for the tailored look. Other patterns include:

  • Deep, wintery florals
  • Polka dots




Left, clockwise: Country Road Check Shirt $109, Max Black/Cream Sweater (style no. 108676) $99, The Warehouse Maya Check Zip Front Shirt $29 (available mid February), Country Road Check Print Roll-up T-shirt $64.90, TS14+ Highland Rose Dress $179.95, Just Jeans BF Check Shirt $49.95




Left, clockwise:  EziBuy Emerge Print Blouse $64.99, Jacqui E Robyn Chevron Sweater $89.95, EziBuy Emerge Block Shift Dress $84.99, Max Blouse (style no. 108393) $119, EziBuy Grace Hill Slimming Layered Dress $99.99, Glassons Sheer Panel Top $29.99





Left, clockwise: Country Road Spot Stripe Dress $259, EziBuy Capture Spot Shirt $54.99, Country Road Block Spot Stripe Knit $109




Left, clockwise: TS14+ Visa Versa Jacket $139.95, Max Top (style no. 110748) $69, Glassons Hi-Low Floral Print Blouse $29.99


2. skirts are big


  • There’s a real focus on skirts this season
  • Generally they’ve got more volume and are longer, though Pencil Skirts are still popular, especially teamed with a sweater-like top.





Left, clockwise: main image Pinterest, EziBuy Emerge Pull-On Skirt $54.99, Max Black Skirt $99, Esprit Beverely Crepe Skirt Cinder Blue $99.95



Pencil Skirt With Sweater Top


Images courtesy of Pinterest - check out our A/W Trend pins


3. Tailored Look


  • In Europe, the suit takes on a masculine look, made feminine with gorgeous accessories and footwear. It's oversized, giving the appearance of being borrowed from the man in your life!

  • The suit is important, but not as we know it:
    • Pencil skirts with sweater style tops
    • Feminine lines but with a style twist
    • Pinstripes
    • Rounded shoulders
    • Tweed is a key trend, though not just reserved for the suit.




From left: Todd Lynn AW13 Catwalk Show, Yohji Yamamoto AW13


4. The Big Coat


  • Oversized coats, with oversized, rounded shoulders and heavy fabrics
  • Powered & Dusky Pink is popular


It's too early for the Southern Hemisphere, but here's a glimpse from Europe.




Images sourced from Pinterest - for details check out our Autumn/Winter '14 Trends pins on Pinterest.


5. The Rebel


  • Including Grunge and Punk’d themes. Not everyones cup of tea!
  • Play it your way - mix together patterns, textures, styles, dark colous with a splash of leather, studs, chain, spikes and mesh. Tartan is a great and important part of the mix.


Rebel 1 

Left, clockwise: image via Pinterest, MiPiaci Woe boot $330, The Warehouse Maya Biker Jacket $35 (available mid Feb), Witchery Reptile Chain Cuff $59.90, The Warehouse Maya Check Pencil Skirt $25 (available mid Feb).


Also making their presence felt 

  • Turtlenecks 

  • Deep V-necks - and we mean deep, some almost to the waist. Turtlenecks work well teamed with a deep V

  • Feathers - woven into tops, jackets and accessories

  • Furs - for clothing and accessories - don’t worry, we’re not suggesting the real McCoy!

  • Metallics are still around, and very popular as mesh and a medieval look

  • Crocodile texture for clothing and accessories

  • Animal Prints - leopard and snakeskin in particular




Left, clockwise: The Warehouse Maya Animal Print Leggings $20  (available mid February), Jacqui E Printed Cody Shirt $79.95, The Warehouse Debut Large Leopard Patch Leather Handbag $49 (available mid February), EziBuy Capture Print Blouse $54.99, Jacqui E Herve Animal Print Skirt $89.95, Witchery Leopard Yoke Print $129.90



Key Colours


  • Navy Blue is probably the big colour news - “the new black”, mind you, some are also saying that about powdered/dusky pink! Both are equally delicious in our opinion. Navy is such a versatile colour and can be teamed with most other colours, including black - yes, black. Forget what your mother told you about black & blue not going together - they are wonderfully complementary. Navy is definitely a great alternative to black, especially for those in the ‘Cool’ colour range.




Left, clockwise: Espirt Minimal Chiffon Blouse Cinder Blue $89.95, Espirt My Stretch Blazer Cinder Blue $99.95, Max Navy Check Blouse (style no. 108296) $99, Max Navy & Black Stripe Top (style no. 108331) $99



  • Cobalt (Electric) Blue - yay, we just adore this colour. Anyone with ‘Clear’ and/or ‘Cool’ as part of their palette, this is a must for you.



Left, clockwise:  EziBuy Capture Pleat Front Dress $64.99, Max Top (style no. 108332) $99, Max Top (style no. 108397) $59, Max Cobalt/Black Dress (style no. 108756) $139, Max Cobalt Print Dress (style no. 108499) $119, Max Cobalt Blazer (style no. 108721) $139


  • Purples - from deep rich to lighter lilac shades.



  • Powdered, dusky pinks
  • Fuschia




Warm Brown

A fabulous alternative to black, especially if ‘Warm’ is part of your colour palette.

  • cinnamon, brandy, burgundy and bourbon are variations
  • fabulous teamed with grey, red, purple, electric blue, emerald and even fuschia - just be sure to mix the colours well tonally


Winter White (a warm, soft white)

Not everyone will suit this colour, it can make some people look washed out. It’s a fabulous winter colour and teams well with just about all other colours.


Monochrome (black & white)

It’s still around and you can appreciate why, it always looks great, suits most women and is extremely popular.



Not just in your standard silver, gold and bronze - colours also like purple or blue also get to shimmer.






  • Grey Ankle Boot - a wardrobe essential for this coming season. And as we know, there are numerous shades of grey, though I suspect retailers are going to sell truckloads of black! Ankle boots are great with dresses and skirts as well as trousers and jeans.

  • Men’s styled shoes - but in softer, feminine colours. Great teamed with skirts and dresses, as well as trousers.

  • Emphasis on the heel - embellishments and styling detail, the heel is making a statement this season.

  • The tongues out! Shoes with oversized tongues, left hanging out.

  • Shoes with cut-outs or transparent detailing

  • Heeled shoes with socks

  • High Boots - the higher the better. We’re talking thigh-high!

  • Luxury and refinement - velvet, deep rich colours, embellishments.




Jewellery Trends


  • Chains & big links
  • Gold necklaces - big and chunky, medieval style embellished with gems, necklaces with ‘peace, love, etc’
  • Chandelier Earrings
  • Brooches
  • Turquoise jewellery
  • Multiple rings & layered
  • Tribal necklaces
  • Cuffs
  • Punk - leather, chain, spikes, studs



Left, clockwise: The Warehouse Debut Fashionista Necklace $15, The Warehouse Debut High Voltage Bracelet Set $15, The WarehouseDebut Rebel Chain Necklace $20, Witchery Reptile Chain Cuff $59.90, Max bronze cuff (style no. 110850) $29, Witchery Hoop Chain Bracelet $39.90. The Warehouse product is available mid February.




  • Clutch bags
  • Fur bags
  • Crocodile texture handbags
  • Doctor’s medical bag
  • High Fashion Backpack





Please note, pricing is stated in both NZD & AUD currencies but has not been identified individually.


Cover image: All other images not identified were sourced from Pinterest. For details, check out our Autumn/Winter '14 Trends pins on Pinterest.


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