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Are you missing an opportunity?

by Lisa Lyford
Are you missing an opportunity?

I was recently in a store where a woman was trying on a dress that was on sale, 30% off so it was a good deal but the dress was too big for her. Other than it being too big, everything else ticked the boxes - the colour and style suited her, and obviously the price.  A lot of women would’ve walked away from this dress, and certainly the sales assistant encouraged her to, but this shopper stuck to her guns - she was going to take the dress because being a sewer she could alter it.


A woman recently told me that she bought a designer dress that was $1,500 for $150! The dress was far too big for her but everything else was fabulous. She bought the dress and took it to her tailor, having worked out first that even if she spent $80-100 having it altered, all round it was still a bargain and she would have an amazing dress to wear.


I bought a skirt that was four sizes too big but because the styling was layered and drapey, I could get away with simply folding the skirt over at the side seam and securing it with a brooch. It looked fantastic.


I’ve bought dresses that are a big and baggy, but have either taken them in at the side seams or folded them over in one place and secured with a designer button to create interest.


So ladies, scour those sales racks with a different mindset. Sizes 10-14 are the most popular sizes and often go well before a sale hits. Think about another size with the view to modifying it. But I say this with one word of caution, other than size, the garment has to be right for you in every other way. Don’t get caught up in the bargain.


Also think about this as you scour vintage clothing stores - think about the potential in something, rather than how it appears now.  I knew a woman who bought secondhand jeans and made them into denim jackets - they were very cool. 

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