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All personal stylists are not the same

by Lisa Lyford
All personal stylists are not the same

Whenever I come across someone that’s looking fabulous, I can’t help myself, I have to tell them how great they look. 


I was at a party a few months back and a woman I was talking to had just been told her “outfit wasn’t right for her”, this was by someone she didn’t know, someone introducing herself as a stylist. The stylist proceeded to tell the woman all that was wrong with her outfit that evening.


Okay, not only is this rude but unless you’re invited to pass comment, you should never. The woman who was accused of bad styling felt rotten for the rest of the evening.


The irony was that she actually looked good, and I told her so. The stylist appeared to be going by the book, that is, for a person of this shape and size she should wear xx. Well, styling is not like that at all. Sure there are style guidelines but it’s about assessing every woman on their individual merits and working out what is best for them.


Another point, some stylists have a set style, a style formula, they use on all of their clients, irrespective of individual needs and preferences.


So, if you’re planning on an appointment with a stylist, go by recommendation from others or check their work first, if you can.

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