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A Proven Way to Manage Acne - 100% Natural Too

by Lisa Lyford
A Proven Way to Manage Acne - 100% Natural Too

I know a young man (and this obviously isn't him, he's camera shy!) in his pubescent years who’s battling acne, not uncommon I know. 




He tried a number of acne remedies, all with very mediocre results, but then came across Manuka Honey Gel from Living Nature and hasn’t looked back. Without any exaggeration, his acne cleared visibly overnight with one application of this 100% natural, amazing healing product.


It’s not a one-off cure, acne will continuely pop up due to overproduction of oil and hormonal changes throughout life. So, this young man followed a twice daily cleansing and moisturising routine using Living Nature’s Purifying Cleanser, Hydrating Toning Gel and Balancing Day Lotion, together with the Manuka Honey Gel. He kept up the daily vigil because it worked, there is no way a teenage boy is going to do something like this if it didn’t! The healing, cleansing and moisturising routine definitely keeps his skin looking great.


I highly recommend these products. It’s not just for pubescent teens, it’s for anyone experiencing acne or skin blemishes.


Very Satisfied Customer


Here's an example from one of Living Nature's very happy customers.


Gorgeous Me - Living Nature 's Manuka Honey Gel To Manage Acne 


"I found all the products just fantastic and I am so thankful that my skin is a lot better." Alana, 36


It looks like Photoshop had a hand in this but trust us, this is authentic, completely product results based.


Alana struggled with acne for years. Prior to using Living Nature products, she used medically prescribed products which made her skin very red and reactive and had no real effect on her condition. She stopped using these when she started using her Living Nature regime. Alana was delighted to see such noticeable results following her eight week Living Nature product experience.


About Living Nature and their Manuka Honey Gel


Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel combines Active Manuka Honey for skin healing with Manuka Oil to help protect, cleanse and soothe the skin. Active Manuka Honey is one of nature's miracle healers, and anti-microbial Manuka Oil is a super protector - both with proven skin benefits. Think of it as nature's first aid for your skin. As an aside, Manuka Honey itself is even approved for use in hospitals in Europe & the States for wound healing! Keep some handy in your first aid kit.


Gorgeous Me Loves Living Nature 's Manuka Honey Products


All of Living Nature’s products are 100% natural, with ingredients sourced from New Zealand. Not only does Living Nature source local, natural product, it practices sustainability, protects and cares for the environment and manufacturers in New Zealand, keeping locals employed. I just love this company and everything it stands for.


What’s more, the products adhere to extremely high global standards for natural products, accredited by BDIH in Germany, with stringent annual audits, and no products are tested on animals. Their products are safe, so safe in fact you can eat them, not that you’d want to!     CCF Logo Black     Recycle Triangle





helpful tips for managing acne


  • Avoid substances that clog the pores like mineral oils, oily make-up and incorrect cleansing. 

  • Ensure your face or acne area is cleaned morning and evening.

  • Exfoliate gently twice a week to remove dead skin cells. Avoid using coarse scrubs which can cause small cuts on the skin surface - creating possible openings for bacteria to spread.

  • Using a cleansing mask once or twice a week, after exfoliating, will be beneficial, drawing out any deep-seated impurities and blockages, and helping to refine the pores.

  • A spot treatment on pimples overnight can help reduce inflammation and draw the pimple to a head, to promote healing. 

  • Avoid ‘touching’ and ‘picking’ pimples throughout the day.  This brings harmful bacteria onto the area, and also spreads the infection. Skin hygiene can also be helped by changing your pillowcase more regularly.

  • Gentle exposure to the sun can be very helpful for acne sufferers.



highly recommendED


If you’re struggling with skin blemishes, seriously don’t look past Living Nature’s Manuka Honey Gel and supporting skincare products. Also, the beauty of all Living Nature products is that a little goes a long way, think ‘pea size’ amounts when applying.






We're thrilled to bring you a 15% discount on Living Nature products. Simply visit Living Nature’s site (links below) and use the promo code GORGEOUSME07. This offer is for online sales only, not retail stores, and is available until 31 July 2015.


You can use this promo code to purchase any of Living Nature’s products.  And whilst the special discount has been set up just for Gorgeous Me members, we’re happy if you wish to share it with your family, friends and colleagues - we’d love them to benefit from these gorgeous products too.


Gorgeous Me Loves Living Nature 's Manuka Honey Gel


Living Nature Manuka Honey Gel - available in two sizes $32 for 50ml or $19.50 for 10ml


The following are for oily skin. Visit Living Nature's website for skincare for other skin types.


Living Nature Purifying Cleanser $39 

Living Nature Hydrating Toning Gel $43 

Living Nature Balancing Day Lotion $39 

Living Nature Balancing Night Gel $58


Living Nature has conveniently packaged three skincare products together to get you started. These packs also make an ideal gift or for travel. We are only showing the product for oily skin below. Check Living Nature's website for skincare for other skin types.


71011_Skin Steps _Oily _Skin _with _Product _grande

Living Nature Skin Steps to Purify Oily Skin - Purifying Cleanser, Hydrating Toning Gel and Balancing Day Lotion, each 50ml - $69 for pack






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