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9 Tips for Looking Fab in Photos

by Lisa Lyford
9 Tips for Looking Fab in Photos

We all want to look our best in photos, let’s face it, pics are around for a long time. Following are some tips from the experts.


Keryn, our new Gorgeous Me photographer, shared her favourite tip with us during our last makeover - “work it like a turtle”!



1. Work it Like a Turtle!

Most people think you should tilt your head up to avoid the double chin and this does work but it also narrows the eyes because they’re looking downward slightly. Instead slightly push your head forward from your shoulders, like a turtle popping its head out. I did say ‘slightly’. 



2. Are you a blinker?

Do you blink at the wrong time, just when the camera clicks? Here’s a wee trick for you, close your eyes and when the photographer is ready, open them.



3. Reduce Red Eye

Apparently looking towards light just before a photo is taken, will make your pupils smaller and help reduce red eye.



4. Work your Best Angle

Rather than looking at the camera face on, turn your head slightly to the side, it can be very flattering. Work out your best profile.


The same applies to full-length shots, turn your body to a more slimmer three-quarter angle, with one leg slightly in front.



5. Have a Laugh

Some people are naturally photogenic, lucky things. For others, it takes practice. Have a wee laugh or think of something funny just before the shot is taken, that will relax you and give a gorgeous friendly pose and natural smile.



6. Taken from Above

Photos taken from ‘slightly’ above you are actually more flattering. I’m not suggesting you drop to your knees the moment a photo is about to be taken! This is a great tip for selfies, holding your camera slightly above you. If the camera is too high though, it can make you look short!



7. Get that Foundation Colour Right

If your foundation colour is too light and doesn’t tone in with your chest, it will illuminate in the photos.


Gorgeous Me - Choose The Right Colour Foundation



8. Powder It

Avoid the shine on your face by using a translucent powder or a matt foundation. Colour match is important - see above.



9. A Healthy Glow

Accentuate your cheekbones and give yourself a healthy glow by using Blusher. Makeup artists say this is a 'must do'.

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