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80% of women wear the wrong size bra!*

by Lisa Lyford
80% of women wear the wrong size bra!*

I see far too many women wearing ill-fitting bras - some are spilling out over the top of their bra, some look like they have one boob (a mono-boob), some have their boobs heading to their ankles!


As a stylist, I strongly recommend you regularly get yourself fitted for a bra.

A good-fitting, shaped bra can really enhance your figure and even make you look slimmer!



“Wow, I have a stomach” - Nicola after going for her first bra fitting. Her previous bra was old and not supporting her adequately. The new bra gave her the lift she needed.


“I can’t believe what a difference a good fitting bra does for my shape” - Kathi, who previously wore a bra that gave her a saggy, mono boob look.




Why a professional fitting?


  • Bra sizes differ between brands and styles. You might be a 12C in one bra style but a 10B in another.

  • A good-fitting, shaped bra can enhance your figure and even make you look slimmer!

  • There are so many different bra types and styles to choose from - a professional bra-fitter will ensure you get what’s right for you.  For example, athletic women benefit immensely from a good sports bra designed specifically for active women and offer extra support.

  • Bra-fitters are trained and highly professional. And they respect women’s need for privacy so you have nothing to worry about.

  • It doesn’t cost any extra to have a professional fitting, and you walk away with the best bra for you! It’s a no brainer really.




Bra Sizing


Sizing varies from bra style and brand. Our breasts also change shape and size as we age and through life’s different stages, the obvious being pregnancy and post-pregnancy. That’s why you can never assume that because you have always worn a size 14DD that you always will.



Four key components of a bra:


  • Underbust - the primary support for your bust. The weight of your breast should be on the underbust, not the cup or straps.

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  • Centre panel - the part between the two cups. This should sit flush against your skin, though it does depend on the style of the bra.

  • Cups - believe it or not, the cups offer secondary support after the underbust.

  • Straps - the fourth support. It’s important to keep adjusting/tightening the straps as the elasticity in the bra loosens over time. Bendon advises that you should be able to comfortably fit three fingers under the strap at the shoulder - any more or less and you may need to adjust the straps.


Be sure to fasten your bra on the loosest, or middle, hook. If you can comfortably fasten it on the tightest hook, try going down a back size. Here are two easy rules of thumb to remember:

  • If you go up a back size, then go down a cup size.
  • If you go up a cup size, then go down a back size.


For example if you wear a size 10 top with a 14D bra, try a 10E or a 12DD (amazingly, these are all the same cup size!)



Underwire versus Soft Cup


Underwire bras provide additional support, lift and shape. Women with larger breasts often prefer underwire bras for these reasons. If your underwire is digging in, it is likely the size and shape of the bra are not right for you.


Design and technology has brought the soft cup (wireless) a long way and they now offer a lot more support and shape than they used to. Many women opt for the soft cup for comfort and a more natural feel.



Getting the most from your bra


  • Handwash or use a lingerie bag on a ‘delicate’ wash cycle to look after your lingerie. Hook the bra ends before washing so the hook doesn’t catch.
  • Keep adjusting the bra hook and straps as the elasticity gives, to ensure ultimate support and comfort.






* Sources included

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