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8 Key Style Trends for Autumn Winter '15

by Lisa Lyford
8 Key Style Trends for Autumn Winter '15

From the influences of the catwalks of London, Paris, Milan and New York to how it played out on the streets of the northern hemisphere, we profile the top 8 trends for Autumn/Winter ’15. Over the coming weeks we'll show you Australasia's spin on it as new season's collections start rolling into stores.


I know, who can be bothered thinking Winter coats and knitwear when the weather’s still so scrummy! Hope I’m not jinxing things!!


the Key Trend.


The overall trend is relaxed styling, where comfort and ease are paramount - oversized knitwear, loose trousers, volume in skirts and coats… offering that gorgeous, warm, snuggly feeling.




1. Oversized Coats.


Oversized, unstructured coats are the business this season, with capes and cloaks proving popular. The big blanket wrap/scarf is a fabulous alternative. 


Key style notes:

  • Oversized
  • Unstructured, slouchy
  • Dusky pink
  • Fur, of the faux variety - either the whole coat or accents on collars
  • Belted - cinch that waist with a big belt
  • Quilted fabrics


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Coats 

Designers (left to right): Tibi, Chloe, Celine 


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Coats  


2. Chunky, oversized knitwear.


Big, chunky, snuggly knitwear is a key style statement this Autumn/Winter. Consider going up a size so the sleeves are longer and it’s even more slouchy. Combine your chunky knit or cardigan with leather or something soft and flowing.


Chunky knit scarves/snoods are another option.


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Knitwear


Designers (left to right): Karen Walker, Michael Kors, designer unknown



Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Knitwear


3. Full Volume - skirts and trousers.


Skirts and trousers are no exception when it comes to the volume and comfort style trend.


Midi Skirts


Midi Skirts started trickling in last Autumn/Winter and over Spring/Summer but I’m hoping we’ll see more of them this season, they’re very feminine and flattering.


What is a midi? A midi-skirt is a mid-length skirt that traditionally would’ve sat on or about the calves (which isn’t ideal if your calves aren’t your greatest asset (remember, don't end hemlines as your widest points)) but this season it varies from just below the knee to just above the ankle. The midi is all about the length. It comes in varying styles from full circle, pleated, gathered, A-line… Aside from the length, the other defining feature of the midi is how it accentuates the waist.


STYLE TIP 1: Avoid full volume skirts if you’re bottom-weighted gorgeous, the added volume in the skirt may make you look bigger than you really are and look out of balance with your smaller top half. Opt for a straighter line.

STYLE TIP 2: If you’ve got a rounded tummy, avoid skirts that are gathered or pleated at the waist, it will only accenuate your tum, and we can’t be having that! Opt for skirts that have less volume and are flat style wise around the waist.


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Midi Skirt 

Topshop Unique, other images Courtesy of Vogue 


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Midi Skirt Street Wear

Left: BCBG Max Azria 

Slouch Pants


Wide leg, long pants in fabrics that flow over the body. We’re seeing the waistline creep up too - which will help hold some of us in. High waists are not so flash if you’re short-waisted, it may make your top half look short and out of balance with the rest of your body.


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Pants

Designers (left to right): Hermes, Helmut Lang, DKNY 

Cropped Pants


And then there’s the cropped version of these. Team this style pant with boxy crop tops, that cut across at the waist.


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Cropped Pant 

Designers (left to right): Barbara Bui and Giorgio Armani





4. Accentuate the waist.


Whilst the overall theme is about volume and comfort, an essential style ingredient this season is cinching in the waist - belts, ties, wraps, waistbands…


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Waist Accent 

Designers (left to right): Véronique Leroy, Balenciaga, Topshop Unique



5. 60’s MoD.


Shift dresses, kitschy prints, embellishments, metallics and shiny or glittery go-go boots. Swing coats, bold abstract patterns oh and let’s not forget the mini.


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - 60's Mod 

Designers (left to right): Gucci, Gucci, Louis Vuitton


6. 70's influence


Not to be outdone by the 60's, the 70’s is nudging its way in too with satin, patchwork, quilting, sheepskin, suede, denim and fringing.


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - 70's Influence 

Designers (left to right): Gucci, Amapo 



7. Tailoring.


Power dressing. Match with chunky heels. Introduce a feminine element like a satin top or flowing sheer skirt


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Tailoring 

Designers (from left): Gucci, Nicolas Andreas Taralis, Victoria Beckham




8. Over the top embellishments.


Chunky embellishments - sequins, stones, beads, embroidery, feathers, fur, fringes…


Gorgeous Me Autumn Winter '15 Fashion Trends - Embellishments 

Designers (left to right): Stella McCartney, Celine, Vera Wang 






Okay, so the chunky, oversized, loose look may be all the go but just remember, volume can make you look bigger than you are! We suggest sticking with one chunky item and teaming it with something more shapely and slimline. For example, a chunky sweater with fitted pants. Accentuate the waist when and where you can, which is bang on-trend.





Over the coming weeks we'll share the key style directions as they hit the stores in Australasia.





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Main image: designers (from left to right): Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton and Nanette Lepore. All images are courtesy of Pinterest, with primary sources from Vogue, Elle & You can see more trends on Gorgeous Me's Pinterest profile.

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