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4 Key Ingredients to Success

by Lisa Lyford
4 Key Ingredients to Success

Did you make yourself any promises for this year? Set any goals? Well done if you did. I must say, it is so easy thinking of all the great things you want/wish to do whilst you’re on holiday. And then reality kicks in with an almighty thud and threatens to strangle your aspirations. Well not this time reality, you can take back seat for a change. We're determined to succeed!



Tried and proven, these four things are your key to succeeding:


1. Limit your goals - I tend to go overboard setting goals for myself and end up only achieving a portion of them. Be realistic.

2. Write them down. Break them down. Some goals are too big to achieve outright, you may need to work towards it in stages. I store my goals in the ‘Notes’ section on my mobile phone - that way they’re always on hand.

3. Share your plans. A shared plan is a committed plan. Trust me. There is nothing worse than letting yourself down once you have told others you’re doing it. The more people you tell, the more committed you become. Or better still, is there someone you can achieve the goal with - a friend, partner?

4. Check in. At regular intervals, say every quarter, check in with your goals and your progress towards achieving them. Revise as necessary.




And then all that is left is to bask in the glory of your achievement/s. Magic.





You could take it one step further.


I have a number of goals - here are four in broad terms:


  • Develop Gorgeous Me to make it even more valuable for women
  • Focus on my wellbeing - exercise, eat more natural whole foods, drink more water & less alcohol
  • A cycling trip or tramp to see more of NZ (I’m not a confident bike rider so would need to train)
  • Get back into sewing (I used to be a sew-aholic until kids came along)



To focus and guide me through these goals, and through life in general, I have a catchcry:




When I go about achieving these goals, I want to ensure that I’m ‘making a difference’ - to those around me and to myself. A catchcry or the likes is not necessary but I personally find it beneficial in guiding and grounding me.



There you go, just like that I’ve applied the first three key ingredients to help me achieve my goals:


  1. I’ve limited them to four - that was a challenge in itself!
  2. I’ve written them down.
  3. I’ve shared them - I might have gone a little overboard on that front by telling you all!



Now all that’s left is regular check-ins. Most of these goals are ongoing.



And remember, you can make plans any time. Start today if you like.


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