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3-Way Styling

by Lisa Lyford
3-Way Styling

I recently bought a jumpsuit and have had so many compliments. Most people would never consider buying one - how on earth do you wear it! And is it really that practical?


It sure is, I can do so many things with it - consider it a base, a canvas to work from. Here we show you 3 ways of styling the jumpsuit. These styling ideas can work with dresses, tops & trousers, tops & skirts.


There's only one downside to wearing a jumpsuit - I'll leave you to figure it out!!


The Casual Look


Consider rolling up the legs - two narrow rolls. Grab yourself a wee pair of socks, say black or black glittery ones. This casual look would work equally well with an ankle boot. A denim jacket would also look great, as would a more casual shoe.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Jumpsuit Styling Casual Look

Max Spliced Jumpsuit $159 (in store only - and selling fast!)

Just Jeans Knox Knit Biker Jacket AUD $79.95. 

Colette Hayman Beaded Knot Necklace AUD $9.95

Mi Piaci Ashton Black/Silver $240






For this one I've given you a number of jacket options and tops for underneath. If you wear something underneath, it can't be bulky and just make sure the necklines are complementary, that they look like they're meant to be rather than forced. This attention to detail is really important in styling. I haven't actually tried the spotted shirt under the jumpsuit so don't know if it will work so you'll need to try. Coloured merino knits would look fabulous underneath too.


I've chosen long necklaces to help break up the long block of black.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Jumpsuit WorkGorgeous Me Winter '14 Accessories

From left, clockwise (jewellery separate below):

Max Spliced Jumpsuit $159 (in store only - and selling fast!)

Glassons 3/4 Sleeve Crepe Blazer, Cosmo NZD $49.99

Witchery Mesh Spot Shirt, NZD $199.90

Witchery Stripe Skivvy, NZD $59.90

Storm Lightning Scarf, NZD $49

Mi Piaci Kendall, Burgundy $290

Decjuba Condell Jacket AUD $50 (online sale)

Storm Snake Ponty Jacket NZD $229

Witchery Checker Cardi $219.90 - envisage this undone


Jewellery from left, clockwise:

eQUIP Spell Bound Beaded Necklace AUD $19.99

Colette Hayman 4 Row Pearl Necklace AUD $9.95 - you can leave these long, as two strands, or double them up for four. Or buy another for 4 long strands.

Colette Hayman Long Tassle Necklace AUD $14.95

Colette Hayman Chain Statement Necklace AUD $24.95

Colette Hayman Colour and Diamante Bangle Pack AUD $12.95

Colette Hayman Snap Clamp Glitter Bangle AUD $14.95

eQUIP Shooting Stars Woven Cuff AUD $14.99

eQUIP Warped Hinged Bangle AUD $16.99 - I'd have two of these, if you can stand the clanking :)







Okay, let's take it up a notch. Simply change your accessories and let your jumpsuit carry you into an evening out. The jewellery and shoes also come in gold if you'd prefer. Some of you may prefer more bling, more sparkle.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Jumpsuit Styling Dressy


Max Spliced Jumpsuit $159 (in store only - and selling fast!)

Colette Hayman Circle Necklace AUD $14.95

Colette Hayman Thin Bangle Pack AUD $7.95 - I'd double these up, two sets, for a more dramatic effect.

Mi Piaci Ribbon, Silver $250 




Animal Prints would look great with the jumpsuit too - leopard print shoes or clutch bag. A wide belt is also a fabulous option.



Please note, most product are available online or in store in Australia and New Zealand.





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Cover image courtesy of Max Fashions.

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