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10 Ways to Instantly Look Slimmer

by Lisa Lyford
10 Ways to Instantly Look Slimmer

I’m guessing this will be one of our more popular blogs! Let’s look at the 10 ways you can look slimmer simply through your styling.


These are in no particular order.



1. Choose a Slim Leg


If you can afford to body shape wise, and as fashion dictates, opt for slim style trouser legs. Don’t panic, I’m not talking skinnies. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve converted many women from bootcut trousers to slim or straight leg and they’ve been blown away at the difference it has made, how much slimmer they look and feel.


If you have big thighs or hips, you may need the bootleg or a wide leg to help balance out your look but certainly give a slimmer leg a go. You can always wear a long tunic top to cover your hips and/or thighs.



2. Side Panels


I’m a HUGE fan of clothing with contrasting side panel designs - tops, jackets, trousers, skirts. The design style tricks the eye into believing that the centre panel is all there is, it doesn’t look beyond that. Suddenly you look a whole lot slimmer.


Take this outfit we found for Rose. She ended up buying the jacket because she looked and she felt so amazing in it.


Gorgeous Me 's Makeover - Rose Before & After Jun '14 #1



Decjuba Claire Jacket AUD $189.95, NZD $248

EziBuy Emerge Jacquard Dress $94.99

Mi Piaci Iganda $370



Gorgeous Me - Slimming Styles


Jacqui E Isabel Ponti Spliced Dress AUD $129.95 

EziBuy Sara Overlay Top $79.95

Taking Shape Studio Top AUD $49.95





3. The Right Size Clothing


I see so many of you trying desperately to cover up and choose to wear clothing that is too big for you. Please do yourselves a favour and buy the right size clothing.



4. Fitted Clothing


Some of you buy shapeless, boxy garments that make you look bigger than you are. Wearing clothing that is more fitted to your body shape, is much more slimming. I know some of you will struggle to come to terms with this. It doesn’t have to be figure hugging.


I Stock _000004077570XSmall



5. Wear a Heel


Have you ever taken notice of the difference a heel makes to your calves. Pop a heel on, it needn’t be a high one, and voila, like magic, your calves have slimmed down.



6. Dark Colours


It's a proven fact that dark colours are definitely slimming. Dark colours don’t reflect the light, they absorb it, meaning they don’t create shadows or project reflections on your lumps and bumps.



7. Fabrics


Go for plain, dark, matt fabrics as opposed to fabrics that are shiny and reflect light and are more attention grabbing. The key is to play down your bigger area/s, not draw attention to them.



8. Finish your Hemlines at the Slimmer Part of your Body


So many women want to pull their tops down to cover their hips and thighs, when in fact all they’re doing is drawing attention to exactly that spot! Ensure your hemlines finish at the slimmest part of your body:


  • Thick upper arms or a big bust - avoid short sleeves that cut across the thickest part of your arm, or draw a visual line across your bust.
  • Big bottom, hips and/or thighs - wear tops that finish at your waist or a little lower, but well about the wide points of your body
  • Thick calves - you are best to finish the skirt/capri pants at or slightly below the knee


The Golden Rules of Hemlines 



9. Styles to Elongate your Look


  • Avoid volume, bulk. Look for long, slim-line styles - tops, cardi’s, vests, skirts, trousers
  • Long pendant necklaces are great, as are wearing your scarves long
  • Wear heels
  • Avoid footwear with ankle straps. Be careful with ankle boots, they can cut the visual line of the leg, making you appear shorter.
  • Wear layers overtop in contrasting colours/patterns, keeping them open, e.g. cardigans, jackets, vests. This gives a slimming, long look.


10. Get the Foundations Right


We covered these recently so I won’t go into it again, but just to stress that a good fitting bra and briefs, and shapewear when you need it, will all give you a slimming look.


Enhance your Body the Easy Way 


Look Sexy and Trim   




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