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Wardrobe Essentials - Building the Perfect Wardrobe

by Letisha Tate-Dunning
Wardrobe Essentials - Building the Perfect Wardrobe

Every woman knows the feeling of waking up in the morning, staring into your wardrobe and despairing as you realise you have NOTHING to wear. Reality is, you always have something to wear, it’s just about preparing your wardrobe with essential items that won’t go out of fashion.

Here’s our pick for the top 10 wardrobe essentials every woman should own:




1. Nude, black and white underwear


Having the right underwear can make a HUGE difference to the way an outfit looks. The fact that it fits you properly is a start, but having a range of basic, neutral colours will make choosing outfits a whole lot easier.





(Sets from left to right):


The Warehouse, H&H Woman Strapless Bra, $14.99 and Invisible Bikini, $8
Ezibuy, Tee Shirt Bra with Lace, $24.95 and Next Pink, Black, White and Nude Microfibre Shorts Four Pack, $24
TS14+, High Waist Shape Brief, $49.95




2. A great pair of dark blue jeans


If you get the right style for your shape, a pair of blue jeans can do wonders for your figure. Opt for something with a slight stretch in the fabric so that they’re comfy, but not so stretchy that they are likely to sag after a couple of wears.


(From left to right):


Max, Diamante Trim Jean, $79 (Online Monday 8th July)
Ezibuy, Essentials Super Stretch Denim Leggings in Indigo, $25
Max, Harley Skinny Jean, $79 (Online Monday 8th July)




3. A ‘go to’ jacket


A coat or jacket is just one of those pieces that you can’t live without having in your wardrobe, especially in those colder months. Decide what works best with other items in your wardrobe, but often longer styles will go with everything, while shorter styles can look more casual. Leather is a great option if you’re willing to spend a bit more, or otherwise wool will ensure you’re always warm and that your coat will last you forever.




(Clockwise from left to right):


Max, Zip Detail Coat, $179 (Online Monday 8th July)
TS14+, Manhattan Jacket, $164.95
Virtu, Portland Coat, $214.95
The Warehouse, Maya Fur Hood Jacket, $44.50
Ezibuy, Essentials Winter Coat in Camel, $79




4. Ankle boots


Leather or suede ankle boots are also something worth investing in. If you find the right pair, they can go with almost any outfit and make your legs appear longer and leaner at the same time. Make sure you use a protective spray before wearing them the first time, it’ll make them last much longer.





(Clockwise from left to right):


Mi Piaci, Toby Boot in Green Suede, $210
The Warehouse, Maya Ellie Boots, $27
Overland, Glamour Boot, $239.90
Mi Piaci, Protest Boot in Stone Suede, $210
The Warehouse, Maya Astrid Boots, $29.40
Overland, Turbo Boot in Taupe, $259.90
The Warehouse, Garage Kenzie Boots, $23.40
Ezibuy, Naturalizer Onset Ankle Boot, $155




5. Classic heel


A classic heel could be a plain court shoe, or some simple strappy sandals. Something that you probably won’t wear to work, but that will go with most dresses in your wardrobe.





(Clockwise from left to right):


Mi Piaci, Peacock Heel in Nude Patent, $220
Ezibuy, Coloured Court Shoe in Black Patent, $39
Overland, Cara Heel in Black, $189.90
Shoe Connection, Katie Heel in Black Suede, $149.99




6. Knit sweater


The perfect knit sweater is pure wool in a classic cut. Something that flatters your body shape and in a neutral colour that you can chuck on with a pair of jeans, or dress up for work with a fab necklace.




(Clockwise from left to right):


Max, Long Sleeve Sequin Sweater in Copper, $59.25
Jacqui E, Ellie Relaxed Sweater, AU$69.95
Max, Sequin Stripe Sweater, $99
Ezibuy, Merino Hi Low Hem Longline Jumper in Coral, $69.99
Jacqui E, Henri Coloured Sweater, AU$89.98




7. Little black dress


You can’t go past this one. Again, be sure to buy in a style that suits your shape. If your colouring means you really can’t wear black, go for a deep, dark blue, red or brown. The perfect little black dress will go from work to night with simply a change of shoes and accessories.




(From left to right):


Max, Asymmetrical Ruffle Dress, $149
Ezibuy, Essentials Ponti Dress in Black, $49
Jacqui E, Pleat Front Dress, AU$69.95




8. Occasional day dress


Everyone needs something bright and colourful in their wardrobe and a dress is the perfect ‘occasion’ outfit. Again, be sure to pick a style that will suit your body shape.


GM_Occasion Dress


(Clockwise from left to right):


TS14+, Winter Storm Dress, $164.95
Jacqui E, Tropical Print Dress, AUD$149.95
The Warehouse, Garage 3/4 Sleeve Skater Dress, $29
Ezibuy, Emerge (EM) Perfect Price Summer Dress With Sleeve in Blue Floral, $49.99 
Max, Beaded Lace Dress, $179




9. Colourful scarf/s


A colourful scarf can brighten any outfit. Opt for a soft, drapey fabric such as silk or cotton that can transition easily from winter to summer.




(From left to right):


TS14+, Floral Burst Scarf, $32.95
Ezibuy, Floating Flowers Scarf, $19
The Warehouse, Women's Chiffon Scarf, $6




10. A tailored suit


Investing in a well-tailored suit is something you won’t regret, provided you get something classic that you can pair with more modern pieces. Whether you’re more of a skirt or pant person, if you buy a versatile suit you can pair the jacket or bottoms with other items in your wardrobe. Usually black or navy will be your best bets for colour, as they will go with most other things in your wardrobe.




(Outfits from left to right):


Jacqui E, Soft Poly Jacket, AU$189.95 and Stella Soft Poly Skirt, AU$89.95
Max, Jacquard Blazer in Taupe, $159 and Jacuard Pant in Taupe, $119 (in store only)
MIX AND MATCH: Ezibuy, Emerge Tuxedo Blazer in Black, $85 and Emerge Slim Pant in Black, $55
Max, Jacquard Blazer in Black, $159 and Jacquard Pant in Black, $119 (in store only)

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