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5 Cost-Effective Tips for Removing Eye-Makeup

by Letisha Tate-Dunning
5 Cost-Effective Tips for Removing Eye-Makeup
1. Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is fast becoming my favourite product. Not only can you use it in cooking, but you can use it in your hair or on your skin. This has got to be the best eye makeup remover that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and moisturises at the same time – win win! Just scoop some onto a cotton pad and swipe across eyes, too easy.



2. Vaseline


If you don’t have coconut oil, Vaseline is a good substitute and something that most people have lurking in their bathroom cupboard somewhere.



3. Baby Wipes


I once read this tip from Victoria Beckham and thought, well, if it’s good enough for Posh Spice it’s good enough for me! Baby wipes are actually really gentle on your skin and a lot cheaper than many of the expensive brands.



4. Plain yoghurt


Maybe this is more for the “run out of everything else, but have yoghurt” type situations, but it seriously works. You may feel like Mrs Doubtfire rubbing this on your face, but it has a surprisingly 'cooling effect' and is all natural, so great if you’re trying to avoid chemicals. 





Depending on what kind of moisturiser you use, this can be expensive, but it does a great job at removing make-up and moisturising at the same time. 




Are there any other unexpected products you use to remove your eye-makeup? 

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