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How to tackle the shopping monster

How to tackle the shopping monster

A lot of women don’t feel comfortable clothes shopping; it’s a daunting and overwhelming task.  Some break into sweat, some tears and many avoid it at all costs.


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8 tips for making shopping more enjoyable & rewarding 




I've been known to dread shopping.



This time I'm going to...



I’m going to take a friend and make a fun time of it. And if I try on some things that are truly ghastly, we can have a laugh about it.





I've been known to...


… go into a store and want to go right back out again; or

… have a quick flick through and walk out disappointed.



This time I'm going to...




You may not, but at least you’ve had a good go.  And don’t allow yourself to be intimidated - remember, the retailer wants you to be there.





I've been known to go shopping without really knowing what I want/need.



This time I'm going to...


3. Be purposeful. 


Assess my wardrobe before I go out - make a mental note or take photos of what I have.  What do I really need/want?




I've been known to...


…not ask for help.


…limit how much help I ask for because I don’t want to be a nuisance or put sales staff to any trouble.



This time I'm going to...


4. Ask for help. 


I am going to ask the sales person what they think, what they recommend and listen to their reason/s. They know their range, and what goes with what.


But I’m also going to listen to my own instincts.  If instinct tells me it’s not right, then I need to consider it carefully. 


It’s important to have an open mind when shopping. Be open to new ideas. This was very apparent during our makeovers, our models were stuck in a style rut and a certain way of thinking. 




I've been known to only try on styles/colours I know work well on me.



This time I'm going to...


5. Try on at least two different things in each shop I go.


Styles I would never consider.  Colours I would not normally wear but think may suit me.  I needn’t waist my time with any colours or styles I know won’t work, as in I’ve tried them before.





I've been known to try on one item, the item I’m looking to buy, e.g. a top and nothing else with it.



This time I'm going to...


6. Try the item on with other clothes from the shop - skirt, trousers, jeans, vest and accessories.


This way I get a feel for how versatile the piece is, what else it will go with.  I’ve already made a mental note (or have photos) of the other pieces in my wardrobe.


Seeing it co-ordinated with other pieces and accessorised helps show it in its fully glory.


Pretend money is no object and go to town trying things on.  That’s not to say you’re going to buy everything, but it will help you to relax, experiment and enjoy the process more.  Hopefully you’ll get a better feel for what suits you.





I've been known to buy an item, even if I’m not 100% certain about it.



This time I'm going to...


7. get the store to hold the item for me, and think on it overnight.  And/or have a further look around at other stores.


Do you ‘love’ what you’re about to buy?  If not, then don’t buy it.


Or if you’re not sure, ask the salesperson to take a photo of you in the outfit (on your mobile) so you can look at it later and show others if you wish.


And don’t panic that it might not be there on your return - “if you are meant to have it, it will be there”.





I've been known to limit myself to the shops I know.



This time I'm going to...


8. Experiment.  Try different retailers. 


I might find the gem I’ve been looking for!




A few other tips:


  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to go shopping, things that are easy to slip in and out of.
  • Have regular breaks and keep well fed and watered.  Shopping can be exhausting!



In a nutshell, we’re suggesting you:


  • Relax and go shopping with the intention of having fun.
  • Experiment - try on things you would never normally consider.  And mix and match clothes you’re trying on with other things.  Go all out, include accessories.
  • Seek advice and help and listen to what they’re saying.  It doesn’t mean you have to take their advice.  Just be open to new ideas, you might be pleasantly surprised.




Go on, tackle that shopping monster and have fun doing it.



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