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How to make small eyes appear bigger

How to make small eyes appear bigger

If your eyes are close set, narrow or overall small in proportion with the rest of your face then follow us…



Makeup Magic for big beautiful big eyes…



1. Wear what works

One of the most important things you can do is wear makeup that enhances your natural colourings. If, for example, you suit Cool colours, you should look for makeup that has a blue-base to it. Or if you suit Warm colours, choose browns, greens and warm tones over black and blues.


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2. Think white or light


White or light colours make things appear bigger. It’s why we always encourage women to wear darker colours when they’re trying to look slimmer. So, in the case of making your eyes appear bigger, use white or light coloured eyeshadows. Always blend your eyeshadows together well for a flawless look.


Also consider a white or light-coloured eyeliner along your waterline, instead of dark colours. A blue eyeliner also has the same effect. Consider extending your eyeliner in the outer corner, a wee wing.


Use an eye highlighter or light coloured eyeshadow on the brow bone to lift the eye.


If your eyes are close set, as in close together and near your nose, use lighter eyeshadows on the inner part of your eye, and darker colours towards the outer edge.


3. Don’t forget your brows


Extend your eyebrows, either by getting them tinted or using a brow pencil. Extend them to the outer edges as far as naturally possible (the end point should be on a natural diagonal to your eye).


Arching your eyebrows, in the middle and/or widening the arch towards the outer edge, can also make your eyes appear bigger and can even leave you looking like you’ve had a facelift!


The key is to make your eyebrows look as natural as possible. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, go to the professionals. You won’t regret it.


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4. Curl your lashes


Curled lashes help to open up your eyes. You can do this yourself using a curling clamp or you can have them permed. Yes, you heard it, permed. Talk to your beautician.


5. Use eye concealer or highlighter


...under your eyes to mask any dark circles. The secret is to lighten and open up your eyes.




Here’s looking at your gorgeous x





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