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How To Cover Blemishes

How To Cover Blemishes

Pimples, age spots, pigmentation, scars, dark circles under your eyes… How do we minimise the appearance of blemishes?



  • Less is more! Sometimes trying to cover a spot makes it look even worse, especially if it is red and inflamed.


  • Put a small amount of concealer on before your foundation – use a brush and press-pat it onto the spot – let it dry and then apply your foundation. If necessary, press-pat a little concealer on after your foundation. Dust with a light coating of pressed powder or translucent powder to ‘set’ your makeup.


  • Don’t use your ‘spot’ concealer brush on the rest of your face as you don’t want to spread your breakout.


  • A common mistake with concealer is that people pick the lightest shade possible. Your concealer should be about ½ to 1 shade lighter than your foundation.


  • There are lots of different types of concealer – use one that is right for what you are concealing. Concealers specific to the eye area will be far more flattering than using a face concealer (which are usually heavier with more coverage) around the eyes!


  • Everyone should use a primer – they create the perfect canvas to apply your makeup. They smooth the skin, minimise the appearance of fine lines, allow your makeup to glide on effortlessly and generally help extend the wear of your makeup.




Thanks again to our friends at Revlon for providing this information.




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Revlon PhotoReady™ Concealer

Revlon ColorStay™ Under Eye Concealer with SoftFlex™

Revlon ColorStay™ Concealer 

Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage™ Concealer

L'Oréal Paris True Match Correcting Concealer - RRP$27.99





left to right:

Revlon PhotoReady™ Perfecting Primer

Revlon PhotoReady™ Color Correcting Primer

Revlon PhotoReady™ Eye Primer + Brightener

L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Smoothing Resurfacing Primer - RRP $35.99



Please note, the products profiled above are not to scale.

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