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How to Achieve Fabulous Looking Lips

How to Achieve Fabulous Looking Lips
Three ways to help you create fabulous looking lips, including the technique used by the professionals.




1. The easy, natural-looking, conditioning way


Coloured lip balm - lippy colour and conditioning all in one.




2. The long-lasting, no-touch-ups way


Lipstick that you apply at the beginning of the day and that’s it - smashing lips all day.  These can be drying, so you may like to touch up with a lip-gloss or lip balm to keep them conditioned.


Revlon is famous for its ColorStay™ lipstick – and now the new ColorStay Ultimate Suede™ Lipstick - they say you can kiss goodbye to touch ups. It’s the perfect lipstick if you want to try wearing your perfect shade of red as it won’t wear off, feather or bleed, or rub - and you won’t eat it off!



3. The pro way


1)     Brush your lips with a wet face cloth to remove any dry skin.

2)     Add your foundation to provide a good base.

3)     Dust the lips with a layer of translucent powder. Pat dry with

        a tissue to remove any excess.

4)     Outline your lips with a lip liner.  You can go slightly outside

        the lines to make thin lips appear bigger, just don’t over do it.

        The lip liner should be a slightly darker shade than your lipstick.



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5)     Fill in the rest of your lips with the lip liner. This is optional,

        but if you don't and your lipstick wears off, you may end up

        just wearing an outline!

6)     Apply your lipstick using a brush.

7)     Kiss a dry tissue to remove excess lipstick.

8)     Re-apply a second layer of lipstick (with a brush) for lasting colour.







See product suggestions below.



Oh, and don’t forget the rule about lips or eyes - put your efforts into one or the other. You can’t have both otherwise they’ll be fighting for attention and no one wins!



If all else fails, you could try this!!!!


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Product suggestions



coloured Lipgloss & Balms 


Gorgeous Me - Lipgloss & Lip Balm

Left (clockwise)

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable™ Balm Stain

Revlon ColorBurst™ Lip Butter

Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipgloss

Revlon ColorBurst™ Lipgloss

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss - RRP $48.00

Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 with SPF4 - RRP$18.00 (note, not coloured)

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Loves Color in Cherry Kiss - RRP$4.29 

L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Nutri Shine - RRP $21.99

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint SPF 15 - RRP $41




Longwear Lipsticks


Gorgeous Me - Long -lasting Lipsticks 


Left (clockwise)

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede™ Lipstick

Revlon Just Bitten™ lipstain (& balm in one)

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate™ Liquid Lipstick

Revlon ColorStay Overtime™ Lipcolor

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 2-Step in Invincible Sable - RRP$29.99

L’Oréal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick in Refined Ruby - RRP$25.99

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick - RRP $48

Maybelline New York SuperStay 14Hr Lipstick - RRP$23.99





Gorgeous Me Lipsticks


From left 

Revlon Super Lustrous™ Lipstick

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick - RRP$23.99

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Whisper Lipstick in Petal Rebel - RRP$14.99

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in Electric Orange - RRP$20.99





Gorgeous Me Lip Liners


From left

Revlon ColorStay™ Lipliner

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Precision Glide Lip Liner - RRP $39

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Liner - RRP$18.99

Maybelline New York SuperStay Lip Liner - RRP$18.99





Please note, the products profiled above are not to scale. 







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