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Hot Tips

Tree Sap and Dress Don't Mix!

Picture this... a beautiful Summer's day, a friend rings so I find a quiet spot on the steps outside. Next minute... tree sap all over my favourite summer dress. Internet to the rescue...

Hand sanitizer, not soap but sanitizer. This took the sap's stickiness and excess off. I was then left with a mark but good old Frend (stain removal) did the trick. I had to spray, leave and wash the dress several times but eventually it all came out, and my cotton dress looked great again.











Gorgeous _me ___gift _with _purchase 


Have you ever been lured into spending a few dollars more on makeup so you can get the "gift with purchase" valued at say $120? Often it's too tempting for words.

You may want to reconsider. In most cases, you don't get to choose the colour or type of makeup in the gift and it may not actually suit you.

PS Don't tell them we said that :)










My Static Days are over


I was at a styling appointment with a client a couple of weeks ago and had a big and embarrassing case of the 'statics' with my shirt. The wonderful store manager at Storm came to my rescue with this wee gem - Statique. A couple of sprays later and my static problem was gone. I highly recommend this product. Retails at Spotlight for around $12.

Gorgeous Me Loves Statique


Other tips for removing static are further below.










Gorgeous Me - Ironing Tip 

When you're ironing a garment, especially one of medium to dark colour and certain fabrics (man-made fibres in particular), we suggest ironing your garment inside out to avoid unwanted shiny marks. Some people use a tea-towel or the likes and iron over that - that's our last resort, it's just another layer to get smooth first.








Smile :)


Shutterstock _163011599 V2


Smile often, it instantly makes you even more gorgeous x







A hole in your tights?

You're rushing out the door and notice you have a hole in your tights and you don't have a replacement pair on hand. Dab a wee bit of nailpolish on the edges of the hole to stop it laddering. It will last until you can get another pair. Just before the nailpolish completely sets lift it off your leg so it doesn't stick.


Nailpolish On Tights 

Image courtesy of WikiHow






Dare to be different

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We love this look - it's fresh, fun and monochrome is so on-trend. Try it also with jandals (thongs for our Australian friends) and casual canvas shoes like the ones below. Don't restrict it to black & white, be adventurous mixing colours.


Gorgeous Me The Warehouse Canvas Shoes Black & White


The Warehouse Garage Ana Canvas Shoes $15 - white & black (also available in red, blue and burgundy).






Wrinkle prevention


Shutterstock _124047571


One way of stalling the advancement of wrinkles, in conjunction with other things like your beauty regime, is to sleep lying on your back.

When we lie on our front or sides, we squash our face and/or chest. As we age, the elasticity in our skin isn't as responsive as it used to be and that's when wrinkles and grooves start appearing.

I am becoming quite lined on my chest and chin and try really hard to lie on my back when sleeping. I know, breaking a sleeping habit of a lifetime is very difficult. It's worth a go.

Lisa :)





Looking for fashion ideas? Inspiration?


Gorgeous Me Lookbooks  

Fashion lookbooks and catalogues are a great place to start. They’re styling books that are produced by a retailer to show off their new season’s range. Some retailers produce them in bulk and hand them out free to customers who shop with them, or they have them sitting on their counter and website. Other retailers produce only one book for each store but they’re available for customers to look through.


These are a great source of inspiration and new ideas. Pay attention to the styling as a whole for each outfit. What shoes do they wear with it, jewellery, trouser styles, etc.






Stinky Sneakers Be Gone

If you're anything like us, your sneakers get a jolly hard time and would respond well to a clean. We put ours in the washing machine for great results.

  • remove all excess dirt
  • remove the inner soles (they go in too)
  • place in washing machine with a couple of old towels. The towels make it a bit gentler on the machine and also help to clean the shoes - just make sure they're not fluffy ones!
  • use a regular wash cycle
  • don't wash more than say a couple of pairs at any one time, it might upset the machine's agitator
  • Dry outside or in the airing cupboard. Don't replace the inner soles until the shoe is completely dry.


Gorgeous Me Tips Copy



Makeup Tips - Foundation

Shutterstock _84843136

1. Choose the right shade for your skin colouring. Sounds obvious but so many get it wrong. Some of you may even need two shades, one for when you colour up over summer months, one for winter.

2. Apply liquid foundation with a 'foundation' brush - you'll get a more consistent, professional look and use less foundation.

3. Lightly wipe the underside of your jaw line once over with a dry tissue to help blend the foundation with your neck.



Keep or Discard?


Gorgeous Me Tips 1

Clothing labels can be a darn nuisance - they can scratch and irritate you, flick up when you're wearing them, or sometimes they show through a garment. If they annoy me I remove them but keep to sew back on when I go to sell or hand on my clothes. Why? Because despite us saying it's not all about the brand, it's about the style, when it comes to getting a premium for your clothes in the secondhand market, it's definitely all about the brand. People will pay more for a 'brand'.

Definitely keep.



Want your tights to last longer?

Gorgeous Me Tips

The way you launder your tights/pantyhose can impact on how long they last - they can stretch and/or ladder.

Try this, it works a treat:

  • Fold them in half and loosely tie in a knot
  • Pop them in a lingerie bag and in the washing machine
  • Hang them on the line in their knotted form - don't worry, they dry well.
  • You can even store them away knotted if you like - it'll keep your drawers tidier.





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Get knitting girls, or cut up old jerseys or tops. Buy some cheap bangles or cover ones you don't like anymore - get a slightly larger size because by the time you add the knitted layer, it will bulk up. Oh and you'll need a glue gun too, or needle and thread.



New Lease of Life


I have a pair of dusky pink suede shoes that I adore but haven't been able to wear because they look so terrible. I decided to give them a new lease of life but being suede, I was really limited with suede colour dye options.

The texture from the suede had all but worn so I chanced using 'regular' shoe polish - the colour options are far more extensive than suede dye.

  • Clean with warm soapy water. Don't soak them otherwise it could affect the suede and glues binding the shoes
  • Dry thoroughly - over days as opposed to hours. 
  • Apply shoe polish with a rag
  • Buff with a soft brush or cloth.

I'm stoked and just wish I'd done it earlier.

Gorgeous Me Shoe Care

Before (left) and after - hoping it's obvious but just in case :)

So, if you have an old pair of suede shoes or boots and you can't find the right coloured shoe dye, try polish instead. Be warned, the shoe polish does flatten and alter the suede texture. Shoe repairers wouldn't recommend it but I figure if your shoes are past it anyway, what have you got to lose!





Shutterstock _2873730 

You're about to swap over your summer and winter wardrobes, or if not now, at some point. Mmm what to do with those old boots that no amount of polish will get them looking any good for casual or work wear. Don't throw them out - if they don't have a heel, consider them for your time on the sideline as a spectator of winter sport - netball, football, rugby, hockey...


Leather boots are by the far the warmest and most comfortable than say gumboots. Give them a quick polish to help seal the leather. And buy some woollen socks and sheepskin inner soles. You won't know yourself and your tootsies will forever be grateful to you.



Longer Lasting Foundation


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By giving your moisturiser time to dry and then applying your foundation, not only will you get better and more even coverage but it will also stay on longer throughout the day/night. Get dressed, make the bed or have breakfast in between times.







Less is more, much more

I saw a woman walking down the street the other day who'd gone a little far with her colour theming - she was covered head to toe in spearmint green. It was a gorgeous colour on her and she obviously liked it but everything was in that colour, and sometimes in tonal shades of - top, skirt, tights, shoes and accessories. It looked too much. She would've have been better to pick one or two key pieces in her favourite colour and then use a contrasting or complementary colour to support it.

Be really careful not to overdo it with one colour. Exceptions to this are black on black and white on white which can look good if they're done well.

It's also very important when trying to pull off a one-colour look, that tonally the colours work in harmony together, just off and it doesn't look right, it looks forced.


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I'm not here to criticise, I think it's neat that she obviously liked the colour enough to wear it all over and she put a lot of thought into it, it's just that sometimes it can look a little too much.

Lisa, Gorgeous Me stylist :)










Isn't it annoying when a dress, skirt or top sticks to you! We have two full-proof ways of fixing it, though you do have to be really careful not to mark the fabric.

1. Slightly (emphasis on slightly) dampen a facecloth with cold water, and lightly rub the inside of the garment. This will get rid of the static. Be careful the water doesn't mark the fabric.

2. Rub moisturiser on to your body/legs where the garment is clinging. Again, be careful the moisturiser doesn't mark the fabric.

You can buy also anti-static sprays but we haven't bothered, we've found the above options work and are cheap. You can also buy anti-static filters to add to your clothes dryer. Available in supermarkets.

A Gorgeous Me member also suggested hair spray!








Don't forget the tops of your lashes


Shutterstock _111998624

Most of us just do the under-side of our top lashes but what we don't appreciate is that many people look down at us and of course there's the multiple times when we blink. To complete your look, coat the upper-side of your top lashes as well.





younger looking eyes


Crepey Eyes

As we age, our eyes develop fine wrinkles, a crepe-like effect. To give your eyes a younger looking appearance, opt for matt eyeshadows as opposed to shiny ones. You can see what we mean here.


image courtesy of






Shutterstock _34302823-1.1

PREVENTION is the best cure.

1. Use a base coat - many base coats include protein, vitamin E and/or calcium. These ingredients help keep nails healthier and prevent breaking, splitting, peeling and discolouration.

2. Breathing time - every 5-6 weeks, give your nails a 4-5 day break from nail polish, if you can!






Is that a kilt pin I see?




It sure is. Use a kilt pin to fasten a jacket, as demonstrated here with this Voon bolero jacket.

Use a kilt pin as a brooch - a simple, stylish and oh so affordable accessory. You can buy kilt pins from haberdashery stores, like Spotlight.

Also great for tightening a garment that is too big on you, e.g. a skirt or top. Just be careful with the fabric you're securing the pin to, the pins are quite chunky and can leave big holes - best to use on fabrics with a loose weave.

And you'll see from our trend report that they're also a hot little number for this coming season.







Clothes falling off coat hangers?



Some garments just don't behave and are constantly slipping off their coat hanger. Such a nuisance.

We recommend velveteen covered coat hangers. A velvety covering that holds your garment in place and is gentle on it too.

They're a little hard to find but we did stumble across a supply at Spotlight the other day. They're in the manchester section of the store. I saw them advertised on too.





Puffy eyes?

Puffy eyes can be caused by allergies, a cold, tiredness, sleeping position (lying on your front) and ageing.

Cucumbers on your eyes are thought to reduce puffiness, though there is no medical or scientific proof. Ensure the cucumbers are cold. Leave on for about 5-10 minutes. It is believed the water in the cucumbers help to hydrate the area but also the coolness of the cucumbers acts as a cold press to reduce swelling.   


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Image courtesy of

Similarly, a cold tea bag is also thought to do the trick - pour cold water on two tea bags.

Be sure also to hydrate often with water. Hydration helps to reduce swelling.


Image courtesy of





Jewellery cleaning tip from the experts

Add warm, soapy water to a small bowl. Use regular dishwashing detergent. Soak your jewellery for about 5 minutes. Remove your jewellery and brush gently with a small brush, a toothbrush is good. Be sure to get in all the grooves.

This method is tried and proven and given to us by a well established, reputable jeweller in Sydney.

Your jewels will sparkle like new.

We also received this from a member who's a jeweller:

This works for gold and stones but silver is best cleaned with a foaming silver compound, which is a paste used with water and a sponge and is rinsed off with water. Goddards, Johnsons and Haggertys all make the product. PLEASE don't use dips - they seem easy but corrode your jewellery in the long term.







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If you've got any styling, beauty, health or general tips, we'd love to hear.



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