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Here's a Way to Prevent Wrinkles

Here's a Way to Prevent Wrinkles

Most of us have heard of Botox as a treatment used to mask wrinkles and deep lines on our face, but did you know, Botox is also used to prevent wrinkles? It can also be used to significantly reduce excessive sweating AND prevent migraines!


Here we talk wrinkle prevention.


Preventative Botox®: Stop the wrinkles before they start


Botox® is not only used to treat existing wrinkles, but can help prevent them.


The number of women using Botox® as a preventative measure is on the rise, as it can help skin remain youthful, wrinkle free and combat ageing before it begins. Starting Botox® at an earlier age has the advantage of preventing wrinkles from starting altogether. 


Signs of ageing such as forehead wrinkles, crows’ feet and frown lines are due to constant folding of the skin from normal facial expressions. Over time they become more pronounced. Treating facial areas before these fine lines and wrinkles develop, allows the muscle to be relaxed before the repeated muscle action forms possible wrinkles.


It is much easier to prevent wrinkles rather than fix them. Once wrinkles are deeply formed Botox® can help soften them, but it may not completely eliminate them. That’s why if you target fine lines and wrinkles when they are minimal, you’ve got a much higher chance of getting rid of them completely.


There’s no right or wrong age to start Botox® as everybody ages differently, however you’ll get the maximum benefit if you start before your lines and wrinkles are deeply set.


If you’re thinking about Botox®, Caci offers a complimentary consultation to determine your suitability, discuss the treatment and how much it would cost.


To have any specific Botox® questions addressed in absolute confidence, or for more information about the treatment, contact your local Caci 0800 588 660. 


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Our thanks to Caci for their assistance with this article. 








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