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Gorgeous Me Tips 2013

Gorgeous Me Tips 2013


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Prevent your makeup breaking


Do you find sometimes when you're travelling, that your presssed powder makeup, like eyeshadow, breaks from being tossed around.


Place a cotton ball/wipe within your makeup product case to prevent this.







Save $$ on your lippy


There's gold in that there lippy base! So your lippy has run out, did you know there's about an extra 10mm of lipstick below the base? Grab yourself a lipstick brush and dig in.


Also, applying your lipstick with a brush, gives you a more defined look and better application.




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Wrong colours for you this season?


Some seasons it's hard to find colours that suit you. Work around it by introducing your colours through your accessories - jewellery, handbag, scarf, shoes, etc.


Mind you, this season I think there's just about something on offer for everyone :)




Lingerie -bag 



Use a lingerie bag for all your delicates


Did you know that lingerie bags (the large ones) are also great for washing other delicate clothing like tops and skirts. Just be sure to use a 'delicate' and 'cool' wash cycle. 


Ensure there's lots of room in the bag, otherwise the clothing won't clean properly.


It's also a good idea to turn your item/s inside-out before washing to help protect them.




Roots Grey 



Regrowth? Next hair appointment still some time away? 


Try zigzagging your part instead of straight, and give the hair a little lift at this point on the crown. 


Also, a good stylist can give you a cut and colour to minimise the appearance of regrowth.

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If you have limited wardrobe space, and therefore need to store out-of-season clothing while not in use, try these vacuum storage bags. 


    • Triple your storage space!
    • A great way to protect your clothing from insects, dust, mould, moisture and odours.
    • They pack up very flat so you can slip them under your bed or at the top of your wardrobe.
    • They’re reusable, so when you’re done with one season, you can swap clothes around.


The bags come in a range of sizes and are available from most homeware stores.


Just be careful storing ‘tailored, structured garments’ like suits - they may squash out of shape and may need to be re-pressed.




Spraying _perfume .1 




Perfume makes women feel feminine and gorgeous. Just be careful where you spray it:


1) If you spray your neck, the perfume combined with sun, over time can cause skin discolouration.


2) It can also stain or take the colour out of some fabrics. Ensure the area is dry before touching clothes & jewellery against it.




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Don't use a brush on wet hair, it destroys the natural elasticity of your hair and is more likely to cause it to break.

Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.










Keep your nail polish in the fridge - it keeps better, for longer. 







Display your necklaces, bracelets and scarves on 3M hooks so you'll never forget about them and they're easier to get to. Here we've added them to the back of the wardrobe door. 

3M hooks are easy to adhere and remove, and they don't ruin your walls. They're also strong. Yay for 3M.




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Craft boxes provide great storage for smaller accessories like bracelets, earrings and brooches. You can get them from any craft or storage stores like Spotlight.


They're also great for storing your makeup. They come in a range of sizes, with different sized dividers.


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Sweaty armpits?


Let us introduce you to Driclor.


After 1-2 weeks of using it, you should notice a considerable difference in sweat reduction.  My friends swear by it.


Apparently it stings and is itchy for the first week or so whilst you adjust to it, or it adjusts to you. They tell me it's worth persevering with.


Available from pharmacies.  Suitable for females and males.


This is not an official product recommendation or paid product endorsement, we are simply sharing a little gem that we found.


Please seek the advice of your pharmacist and/or doctor.



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