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Gorgeous Me Makeover Follow-Up

Gorgeous Me Makeover Follow-Up

What impact, if any, did a Gorgeous Me makeover have on those we have profiled so far? We revisit a number of our Gorgeous Girls to find out. 




(pictured above)


"My makeover (and shopping trip with Lisa) was a great way to snap me out of my life and think about me for a change. In terms of my hair colour, I had been blonde for 20 years so yes, it did take me a few months to not get a shock when I looked at myself in the mirror! But I love the change, and can't thank Lisa enough for suggesting something so different for me. And getting the clothes advice has been an amazing experience. I now wake up in the morning and love standing at my wardrobe and choosing my work clothes for the day. What a contrast that is to before my makeover. Not only do I have a great choice of clothes but, wow, what a difference a jacket or two makes in my wardrobe. It's a great way to ommph up (or completely change) an outfit without thinking too hard. 


The advice I got on my colours has also opened my eyes to different options. In particular, there is one green top in my makeover that I ended up buying - and when I wear it, someone always comments on the great colour, or they comment on my eyes popping! Lisa has also encouraged me to be open to trying things that may not initially be 'my sort of thing'.


So, thank you for the makeover - the day was great, but to be honest, it's had a long lasting effect on me that is most memorable. As a working mum, I still struggle to prioritise time to clothes shop for myself - but I'm working on that!


Penny's makeover


Gorgeous _me _makeover ___penny _aug __14_before ___after











Having the makeover has helped me feel a lot more comfortable about myself. I am still self-conscious but I now know more about what suits me and what to look for which helps. I now try clothes on when I shop instead of thinking I wouldn’t suit anything, I give all the clothes a go. In fact, I now like shopping and can't wait for new season's clothes to arrive, I used to hate it!


I used to hide my curves but now I feel a lot happier to show them. I try and show off my best bits rather than hide everything! LOL. And I love being taller, even if it’s just because I am wearing heels!


I try to wear my hair out a lot more (not always possible) and I wear brighter colours instead of being the wallflower and hiding behind black and whites. I spend more time every morning choosing what I am going to wear, how I am going to do my hair, what accessories will go with my outfit, instead of the 20 minute rush. I try and mix everything up everyday and I make sure that I am comfortable in everything I wear. I go to the hairdresser's every 3 months instead of 6-12 months. I take a lot more timeout for myself. 


The best thing I have come to appreciate is that no matter what I am wearing or how my hair looks, my Honey loves me and appreciates me for me. I am extremely lucky. I have recommended a makeover to all my friends, it’s a great way to find yourself again :)


The benefits have been tenfold, but best of all I love the constant compliments from my sons, “Wow Mum you look great”! It’s always a lovely start to the day.


Leigh's makeover


Gorgeous Me Makeover Follow Up With Leigh


Gorgeous Me Makeover - Leigh Before & After












"I had my makeover with Gorgeous Me almost 5 months ago, and I have just recently had one of the mums from school comment to me that ever since my makeover she's noticed I consistently look great every time she sees me. I expected positive comments straight after but I would never have expected to still get compliments from it months later.


The makeover taught me not only what sorts of things to look for/think about when shopping for clothes but also how to better wear the clothes I already had. I went through my closet and got rid of the clothes that don't make me feel good about myself when wearing them. I have bought a few new outfits to fill in some gaps, as well as a couple of pairs of heels (not too high though) as I was determined to learn to walk in them after seeing how great my legs could look in a dress! And necklaces. I would never have thought to wear long necklaces but now I own a selection and put one on with almost every outfit I wear - I actually feel like something is missing when I don't have a necklace on now. 


Since the makeover I've realised that wearing clothes that make me look good also make me feel better about myself and I now take pride in how I look when I go out and no longer just put clothes on to cover myself up. For the first few days/weeks after my makeover was revealed on the website I felt like I had to put in extra effort to keep up the 'look' Lisa gave me but then it just became habit and now I would never just throw on yoga pants and a t-shirt for a quick trip out unless I'm actually going out to yoga or for exercise!


I did try to start wearing a little bit of makeup after the makeover but it's really just not me, so I only put it on for special occasions. I wasn't able to maintain the amazing ombre effect that the awesome Kristina Raffaele hair team gave me but I loved the colour so I've keep my hair red.


The makeover was definitely a positive experience for me both at the time as well as all these months later. Lisa has been amazing at helping me look and feel gorgeous inside and out." Shannon

Shannon's makeover

Gorgeous -Me -Makeover -Follow -up ---Shannon -2


Gorgeous _me _makeover ___shannon _october __14___before ___after __2











Gorgeous Me Makeover Follow -up - Rose


"The makeover was an extremely positive experience. Lisa’s wonderful ideas and creative way to pull outfits together was totally inspiring and I would absolutely recommend it. The hair and makeup makeover were fabulous, what a great team!!


Since the makeover, I have way more confidence in shops, can try and avoid black and sift through styles to find (hopefully) those that suit! I have made a conscious effort to buy some colour (quite a bit of orange) and be adventurous with accessories. “Less can be more” with some chosen pieces and it’s been great to reveal where some of my outfits have been purchased from and surprise people!


My three gorgeous daughters and husband have been very supportive and proud of my new look. It was a bit scary when the story went viral on “Stuff” but by the next day, I was someone’s fish and chip wrapper! I got lots of wonderful comments from friends, colleagues and family.


Since the makeover I have had a big wardrobe sort-out, got rid of some old clothes and purchased some new ones, including the amazing jeans from my makeover – who would have thought you could go into a shop and try on one pair of perfect jeans!!


I can’t thank Lisa enough for her inspiration, energy and enthusiasm."



Gorgeous Me Follow -Up With Rose


Left, clockwise: Rose with hubby, her three daughters re-united after three years and our new yellow Labrador puppy “Willow”


Rose's makeover


Gorgeous _me _s _makeover ___rose _before ___after _jun __14__1















Gorgeous Me - Natalie Post Makeover



The makeover made me realise that I was actually dressing right for my body but it has opened me up to new and different styles that I previously wouldn't have considered. It has also given more more confidence to wear 'colour' and bold necklaces and/or scarves.


I asked my work colleague if she thinks I’ve changed since the makeover, as I felt I’d reverted back to my old ways, but she says I take more pride in the way I dress and seem happier and take a bit more care with my hair and makeup.

Just this weekend I went and got a PROPER bra fitting and actually bought a decent bra. Wow, what a difference it has made. I now stand straighter and have gone down a dress size in the top area.


I also feel more comfortable going into “normal” shops that I always considered “skinny” women’s shops as they do stock larger sizing now. I feel more confident in the way I dress which in turn has made me feel better about my appearance – I think unfortunately I still have this thing about my weight which clothes etc can’t fix – I need to do something about that, its not just going to go away by wishful thinking!


Thank you for the wonderful experience.


Natalie's makeover 














Gorgeous Me - Kelly Post Makeover

"My makeover has had an absolutely HUGE impact on me personally - I always knew it would be amazing to have this opportunity but I don't think I really understood how much I would change as a result. It still surprises me to think about how something that many people will probably view as "a haircut and a shopping trip", has genuinely changed my life. I feel more confident and happy in myself and it amazes me that when I look so unlike any "me" that I remember, I now feel more like myself than I have in a long time!


One of the great things that has come out of this for me, was the realisation that to do the best for my children, I need to prioritise myself - they are still my top priorities, but now I actually feature in the list too! I always felt like I didn't have the time to spend on myself but I have learnt that it doesn't have to take a lot of time - I'm not a full-makeup kind of girl (I LOVED the makeup during my makeover but couldn't do it every day!) but I have found that by keeping my eyelashes tinted and just using a decent BB cream and lippy, I only spend an extra minute or two more than my old routine in the morning but I leave the house feeling more together and confident. My new haircut also requires minimal effort and yet looks so much better than it used to!


I'm also enjoying shopping for probably the first time ever and actually feeling confident in my choices. I always used to wander aimlessly before, just buying something that seemed like a safe choice... many of these "safe choices" remained completely unworn... the others probably should have! I now feel like when I enter a clothing store, I know what I'm looking for and I'm more likely to ask for help if I can't find it. I also know it's ok to not buy anything - a turning point for me was when I was trying on some clothes and was standing back looking in the mirror thinking I didn't look too bad, and I remembered Lisa telling me not to buy anything that I didn't love... I put it back and kept looking when I usually would have just bought it so I could go home! A bit later, when I actually did find something I loved, I was confident buying it and knowing I would enjoy wearing it and would really get my money's worth :)


Something that made me smile in the early days after my makeover, was how often my 6 year old daughter asked me if I was going to a wedding! She associated me making an effort with my own appearance with attending weddings, so was forever asking me if I was going to one! She has stopped asking now, so I am happy to think that me taking care of myself is now the norm to her.


The other major change that this has made in my life is that I have felt much more able to deal with other things that had been getting on top of me - I was feeling quite overwhelmed by clutter in my home but just never felt like I had the time to deal with it. My makeover taught me that I need to make time for the things that are important to me in the same way that I would if it was something my children needed. It's not a fast process, but I'm taking control back and getting rid of so many things that don't enhance my life and I feel so much better for it. All those clothes that I bought and never wore are gone and now when I walk into my wardrobe I know I am looking at real choices, not just clutter. It's actually amazing that with much less in my wardrobe, I actually feel like I have more options!


So a HUGE thank you again for my makeover, all I need now is to book in another shopping session for the summer season!"





Kelly's makeover


Gorgeous _me _kelly _s _makeover _may __14_before ___after __3










Gorgeous _me ___before ___after _janice _nov _13


“All aspects of the makeover are great and for most women I am sure there would be many first-timers, as I found out.


The best part for me was the shopping with Lisa. I think every woman should do that if nothing else. As I like to live life in a minimalistic way, this has really helped with shopping and wardrobing. We really can make do with a few great pieces of clothing that we thrash to bits and look gorgeous in. If and when I go into a shop I can see very quickly my colour range and then look for the styles that best suit me. I bought quite a few pieces of clothing from the makeover. The best garment by far is my denim jacket. That goes with everything and is suitable for so many occasions.

I wore my denim jacket into a shop one day and the lady behind the counter said "I love your denim jacket". She told me she had bought one last year but never had the courage to wear it. She was probably about the same age as me. She felt that she would be doing the "mutton dressed up as lamb" thing. I encouraged her to get it out and give it a whirl. She loved what I was wearing it with and was amazed that I would wear it like that. I was wearing it exactly how I had learned from the makeover. She said she felt so encouraged and was going home to retrieve her denim jacket.


My jewellery style has become more simplistic now. I never thought I could wear long-line pieces. I bought two fabulous pieces from Jacqui E and Max and that’s all I really wear now. I have had so many comments about my jewellery. The pieces look both funky and elegant.


My daughter is always complimenting me on how great I look, and it is when I am dressed up or casual. It always seems to be when I have made the least effort with my appearance, so that is saying something.


I really loved the way my hair was coloured and styled and wish I could get to Wellington to have it done again by Krissy, but it is more difficult. It was such a great cut and colour. Something to work on.”


Janice's makeover










Gorgeous Me - Belinda 's Makeover


“I felt fantastic! All was going great with me spending extra time and effort doing hair, makeup and picking every item of clothes carefully, sometimes changing 2-3 times before I felt I got it right. But then I had a complete panic attack when I got totally overwhelmed trying to get everything “just right”.  So I got a little lost, went backwards a bit (pleased to say not too backwards, just a few bad habits of old). After about a month I thought, “big girl pants Belinda”, what is this “just right”?  Nobody had used the words “just right” I had put that on myself.

So, a little re-think and re-planning, I started again. I literally took all my clothes (old & new) and accessories out and they spent two days just being looked at. I bought a new set of drawers, took over the wardrobe in the spare room, bought a hanger for my necklaces and new coat hangers. I ditched some of the things I wasn’t comfortable with, like wearing makeup everyday but I do use moisturiser everyday now. I started listening to the sales assistants in the retail stores (YES, I can ask for help now!) and I now own lots of accessories.

For me, I like that now I’ve set everything up so that my nice things are all very accessible and arranged in ‘outfits’ so I don’t have to over think things and feel overwhelmed on the spot; that’s the key. My weekend clothes live in one drawer with a couple of t-shirt options on top of each pair of the best black pants ever (love those pants, thanks Lisa, I’ll never go back on them now). My new drawers are for my nice stuff, old drawers for other stuff. It’s taken away the temptation of just grabbing the first thing. This is probably a bit anal but it seems to be helping me.

All of my accessories are colour coded. I brought a new suit for the fast approaching winter, because that gave me the three main ‘outfit’ items pants, skirt, jacket and I have set my wardrobe up with tops that go with each.

So, in short, I gained a lot but it took a while to make it mine. Thanks heaps. Belinda

PS I still love the hair and have decided I like my natural colour so keeping the new style but not the colour. When I go grey I now have a great idea of what colour to dye it."

Belinda's makeover







Gorgeous Me - Kiri & Claire - Aug 13 (14)


“I vaguely knew what styles suited me but the makeover definitely expanded on this. Pre-makeover I was the laziest shopper ever, hardly ever shopping and when I did, I often would only try on one thing, and then buy it if it looked 'ok'. Since the makeover, I definitely try on more things and I try on a complete outfit instead of 'just a top' for example, and I don't buy it unless I really like it!


I think the best thing to come out of it is that I now love colour! While I haven't gone mad shopping, everything I have bought since the makeover has been much brighter and I get loads of compliments on them.


It’s also great to feel confident with short or long hair. Knowing that I can wear it in a shorter style has made me far more relaxed about going to the hairdressers and not just getting the same old trim each time!”

Kiri's makeover









"The makeover has given me continued self respect, a colour palette I would not normally go near and a lot more confidence in my body image.

Being a person that takes regular steroid medication and having a fluctuating waistline means I used to wear baggy trackpants to cover up the lumps and bumps. The makeover taught me that wearing better fitting clothes actually makes you look smaller. It also taught me to embrace the positive things about my body, like my great legs and smile. How to dress to appear taller e.g. wearing long necklaces, high heels and scrunching sleeves up on a jacket etc. I have been able to share my experience with friends and family and they too have spruced up their wardrobe and heightened their self-appreciation for their body.

Others have complimented me on my colour choices and my change of hair colour and asked if I can give them any advice.

I have grown emotionally, physically and spiritually since meeting Lisa. She has given me the second chance I never thought I would have to redefine myself again. Between her and Dr Libby, my life has changed, my puzzle is finally complete."

Cathy 1


Pictured above with her brand new niece and here with hubby.


Cathy's makeover








Gorgeous Me Makeover Follow -up Nicole 1

“I will never look at clothes the same again; the only thing that is holding me back is finances. I don't often get to buy clothes for myself so when I do it’s usually one item. I really wish I could use all that I learnt and get an outfit.

My hair has been a huge hit. Everyone loved and still does love it. I think it’s my hair that changed me the most - I no longer felt like I was hidden in the crowd. With my red hair people stare at me (in a good way) and I'm always getting compliments in my vlogs, at the supermarket etc - just complete strangers - who wouldn't have a clue I had blonde hair to begin with. It’s so bright - it’s such a bold statement and I LOVE it . The maintenance is the only downfall. I can’t afford to go to a salon so have to dye it myself and the colour only lasts about three weeks before fading, not to mention the number of towels I’ve ruined thinking it’s all finally washed out! 

Somehow the red hair seemed to change how people see me, or what they think my personality is like. Surely someone who WANTS to stand out in the crowd by such bold hair has a huge personality - and I do!”


Gorgeous Me Makeover Follow -up Nicole 2


And Nicole tells us she only has 4 weeks to go until little Mila arrives :)

Nicole's makeover









Gorgeous Me Makeover Follow -up - Claire 3


Claire's video and makeover









Gorgeous Me Makeover Of Stephanie 

“Having the makeover has given me a long-term confidence boost. I still feel more confident and proud when I walk down the street and I have many people still commenting on how I look.

I have, on the odd occasion, gone out in my old clothes with no makeup and I’ve felt horrible. I’ve wanted to run home and actually get myself together and try it again. Just the difference between being proud of who you are and what you look like... the actually ‘giving a rats’. 


I care more, and also how I feel on the inside as well as the outside. Without the outside though the inside really struggles.


It’s something I appreciate Gorgeous Me for each day... the long-term positive impact you have had and are continuing to have on my life.


My kids are so proud and tell everyone everywhere we go... ages later!!!! xxxx”


Stephanie's makeover here and here






Gorgeous Me Makeover Of Jacqui















"The makeover made me realise that although I thought I was ‘past’ it, I wasn’t!


All it takes is a little time to buy some things for my wardrobe, time to put them on and then adjusting to feeling more dressy.

I discovered that the clothes I bought weere actually the right shape and style for me but I needed more colour. Now that I’ve tried a few bolder, brighter things, I have overcome feeling self-conscious about them and am actually enjoying wearing them and getting great compliments.

I still have not moved into makeup much but I have gained knowledge of what products are out there. The big one for me is the eyebrows. Kristina Raffaele staff showed me how to use an eye-shadow to colour in my fading eyebrows - giving it a natural look that I feel comfortable with and that I’m able to do easily myself. It makes a big difference to how I feel and look.


I’m sure that once I stop working so hard and have more time to embrace shopping etc, that I will improve my appearance. The biggy is knowing that I can look and feel better with a little more effort, instead of thinking it wasn’t possible.”


Jacqui's makeover - here and here


Gorgeous Me Jacqui 1

Photos from a trip last year to the US









Gorgeous Me Sorrel 

"Almost a year on from my makeover with Lisa, I am still enjoying all the benefits of this process. I love my hair and experimenting with it more than I did before the makeover. I am a lot more confident in my appearance because of it and get a lot of comments on my hair still. As for the clothes side, I have had more fun with colour as Lisa suggested and also started wearing more pants which I fully avoided before as I thought I couldn't pull them off.

The makeover as a whole has been fantastic and I would highly recommend."

Sorrel's makeover - here and here







My makeover experience has had a huge, huge impact on my life.


I now enjoy choosing my outfit every day and seem to be able to do it a lot more easily. After the makeover, I got rid of a lot of old clothing.... these were items of clothing that I didn't enjoy wearing or things that made be feel drab!  Everything I now have in my wardrobe I love.  I have more actual outfits rather than bits and bobs which makes it so much simpler to choose what to wear. 




I bought a pair of bright orange shoes after the makeover which I never would have worn previously... it’s amazing how little things like that can make such a statement!  They are now one of my favourite pairs of shoes.  


Everyday I feel good about the way I look when I leave the house! 


I frequently get compliments about how I look or get asked where I have purchased certain pieces of clothing.  People even ask me if I have lost weight which is due to the fact that I now wear clothing that fits me properly and shows my shape off, particuarly when I wear fitted pants and tops with a nice jacket. This is real proof that people do take notice of what you wear and how you put it together. Receiving compliments is a real confidence booster and really does make me feel that putting in that extra bit of effort is worth it.


Having the makeover has made me more confident and happy and has enabled me to develop and rekindle my passion and love for fashion!


I am always learning new things from the Gorgeous Me website and love the blogs. Little tips make a huge difference in so many areas.



Bern's makeover 


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