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Glamorous & Sexy Secret Tips

Glamorous & Sexy Secret Tips

Let's face it, most of us want to feel glamorous and sexy sometimes, if not all the time. And if for no one but ourselves! And don't think you're ever too old, or too this or that. Every woman can look and feel sexy and gorgeous if they want to.




Here are our 10 secret sexy tips



1. It's all about me!  Create some uninterupted 'me' time. We appreciate this can be easier said than done but if there's a will, there's a way :)


2. Clear your mind - rid your mind of all your thoughts - good, bad and otherwise. Forget about all the things you need to do, or the hassles you've had that day. Put them to one side.


3. Let your inhibitions go.


4. Think gorgeous and glamorous. Tell yourself you're gorgeous.



5. Have a scented bath, using oils or bath salts. If you have time, light some candles (scented ones are delightful) and play some easy listening music. Pat yourself dry when done and apply moisturiser all over.
If you have time, a massage or a facial are wonderful alternatives.



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Whilst you're getting ready, keep the scented candle and music going.



6. Paint your finger and toe nails, even if it's just the colour nude, it will make you feel great.  Check out our blog on an Express Manicure.


7. Put on your makeup and style your hair. Be sure to choose a particularly gorgeous lippy. We have a whole heap of 'how to' make up blogs - our latest is on eye makeup.


8. Dab or spray your favourite perfume in key places: your neck, behind your ears, on the inside of your wrists and some people put it behind their knees. Never rub your perfume, it can bruise it.



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9. Wear gorgeous, 'matching' lingerie. It's amazing how sexy you will feel. It needn't be expensive.


10. Put on your glad rags - your favourite outfit, shoes and accessories. I find wearing a heel makes me feel more elegant.




And there you have it. The key is to indulge and take pleasure in the whole process. Certainly don't rush.


Enjoy feeling and looking sexy and glamorous x





The stunning cover image is:  naked-in-the-rain@DeviantArt

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