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Feedback from Member Questionnaire

Feedback from Member Questionnaire

Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Feedback Questionnaire. Most people wonder ‘what’s the point’ with questionnaires but let us assure you, the information you have provided will help us fine tune and improve the information, advice and support we are offering.



In setting up Gorgeous Me, our aim was to provide a styling resource that was accessible, practical, affordable, motivating and inspiring for ALL women. Your feedback has shown us that we’re nailing it. Here are just some of the many highlights when we asked “what you like about Gorgeous Me”:


“Honest, great tips and it makes you feel good about yourself...keep up the great work. Love it!


“That it encourages women of all types to feel good about themselves.”


“Great styling tips and love the makeovers.”


“Excellent, practical advice at an affordable price. Very down to earth, keeping it real for the everyday person.”


"That regardless of size or imperfections, this site has tips for maximising potential and that has to make us feel a little better about ourselves." 

“Gorgeous Me is giving me the most wonderful advice. It is helping me gain confidence on my whole approach to life and my appearance. Best thing I ever did was become a Gorgeous Me
Member. Thank you so much.”



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Constructive feedback 

Thank you too for your constructive feedback with ways we can improve on what we do.


The makeovers and the makeover competitions sparked most of the feedback - so many of you are keen to have one. Let us explain why we have makeovers and why we run competitions.


We have the makeovers to demonstrate all the advice and tips we give. We choose women of all ages, shapes and sizes and style them in clothes that you can buy if you wish. We profile a cross-section of women and styling options. With a limited number of makeovers, unfortunately we are not able to meet all needs all the time but we try really hard.


Why makeover competitions? When we first started, we shoulder-tapped women we knew but then we decided we'd love to open it up, make them available to more women. The makeovers are expensive and because we are a new business, we need to manage our costs. We would dearly love to give access to the makeovers to all our members, including those from Australia, US & UK... but we just can't at the moment. We are of course offering everything we do for free - advice, tips, makeovers, etc.


Voting is an important part of the competition for Gorgeous Me because it helps raise our profile amongst more women. Based on feedback, the votes now only account for 50% of the judging criteria, the other 50% is based on the entrant's reason for wanting a makeover. The hardest job is saying “sorry you didn’t win” to all our fabulous entrants.


We hope that this has helped clarify things for a number of you who gave us feedback.



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We will take on board all your feedback and look for ways to incorporate your advice if we believe it’s going to be beneficial overall to our members. Our member base is really broad in terms of age, dress size, clothing requirements, etc - we do our best to ensure we offer lots of different information to cater for many different needs.


Thanks again.




Lisa & the Gorgeous Me team x





"I would just like to encourage you all and let you know you make a real difference to someone who has a limited budget but a whole lot of enthusiasm for LIFE. Keep up the great work." 

"Great site - lovely to see an organisation making a positive change to women's lives and self confidence :)."


"Great work. Thank you so much for what you do :)."


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