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Buy this, not that. Eat and drink this, not that. Exercise this way, not that.

Buy this, not that. Eat and drink this, not that. Exercise this way, not that.

Where do I start on my journey of self-enhancement?


The thing to do is just start. Start small. Make small gains. Enjoy your achievements. Do more.


Here’s an approach that might help. Some of you may already be well on your way.


Instant PICK ME UP


1. Shift into the right mindset. “I want and I’m ready for change.” Start with some positive self-talk - tell yourself you’re great, fabulous, gorgeous, intelligent, caring, kind, friendly…


2. Get a fabulous haircut. It’s amazing what a great hairstyle can do for your appearance and confidence; it can even knock years off your perceived age! A great hair stylist will give you a style that suits your face shape, personality and lifestyle.


3. Refresh your makeup to reflect your new hair style. A bolder hair style may need bolder makeup. Seek advice from a makeup consultant at any beauty counter.


4. Buy some new clothes/accessories. You don’t need to splash out and get a new wardrobe, just one or two things. And they needn’t be new, just new to you. Look at different styles & colours to what you’d normally wear. You’ll feel great, not to mention look fab.


Done well, these four things alone will make you look and feel great. And the results are instant. They’ll also boost you for more change. 

Some of you may be happy stopping there. Some of you may wish to lose weight and/or tone up. If that’s you, continue on…


Longer-term focus


5. Reduce your alcohol and sugar-loaded drink intake. Increase your water intake.


6. Reduce your portion size for each meal. And reduce or cut out junk foods - chippies, biscuits, etc.


7. Start exercising, or exercising more. For example, if you already walk 2 times a week, can you manage to squeeze in another walk? And/or can you quicken your pace for maximum benefit.



For all of these last three points, remember our blog on 10% more/less. Don’t go hard out with an ‘all or nothing’ approach, ease into it and adjust accordingly.


You will notice a difference relatively quickly without having to go overboard. One of the biggest problems with some diets and exercise regimes, is that they require a person to make such radical changes, and in a quick amount of time, that they’re just not sustainable long-term; they’re too radically different from your normal, everyday life. Take food for example, if you follow our advice, apart from reducing or cutting out junk food, you’ll still be eating similar food to what you always have, just slightly less of it. That’s achievable and manageable in our opinion. The first few weeks are the hardest. Grind your way through them.


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