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Briefs, knickers, undies

Briefs, knickers, undies

Last time we talked bras, this time we take a look at briefs.


There are six key design profiles, it’s about finding what’s most comfortable and supportive for you. Go for plain styling if you're wearing fabrics that cling or show-through. A fuller brief can give a nicer line underneath trousers, skirts and dresses, whereas some women prefer the thong to avoid the VPL (visible panty line).


I personally love and always get, matching lingerie - bra and briefs - so I first choose the bra and then hope like anything that the briefs are to my liking and suit me. Most ranges include two styles of briefs to choose from.


Remember to look after your lingerie by washing it on a delicate wash cycle and in a lingerie bag.







A bikini is a comfortable brief that gives you moderate coverage, and a high leg line. Depending on your bikini’s brand and style the waistband can rest high or low on your hips.


Gorgeous Me Briefs Bendon Bikini

Bendon Damask Print Bikini Brief $19.95 





A brief creates a classic silhouette and completely covers your behind. It has a tall rise that reaches your waist, and is comfortable for all day wear. There are several traditional styles of brief.


Gorgeous Me Briefs Bendon #2


Bendon Body Cotton Hikini Brief $12.95



Gorgeous Me Briefs Bendon

Bendon Gisella Midi Brief $16.07


Gorgeous Me Briefs Bendon #3 

Bendon Nylon Tricot Full Brief $13.95





A Boyleg, or culotte is a comfortable, low rise brief that is shaped like a pair of shorts, and gives you complete coverage. It has a low leg line and is comfortable to wear under skirts and dresses.


Gorgeous Me Briefs Bendon Boyleg

Bendon Lace Distinction Boyleg Brief $15.95 




The Brazilian is a similar silhouette at the front to Boyleg briefs; finishing at top of the leg. It has a more revealing cut at the back, designed to flatter. Provides moderate coverage.


Gorgeous Me Briefs Bendon Brazilian

Pleasure State My Fit FMO Lace Brazilian $29.95



French Knickers


Loose-fitting, wide-legged knickers - think female version of boxer shorts, and way cuter.

Gorgeous Me Briefs Bendon #4Fayreform Candid French Knicker $27.95





A thong is a “barely there” style of brief. It consists of a small garment strip in the front and tapers to a string, resulting in a bare bottom. This enables you to avoid any possibility of the dreaded visible panty line!


Gorgeous Me Briefs Bendon Thong


Elle Macpherson Intimates Stretch Lace Thong Brief $14.95





Thanks to Bendon for the information and images. Cover image: Bendon Elle Macpherson Intimates Golden Feather Bikini Brief $39.95


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