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Being True to Myself

Being True to Myself

We are starting a new series focusing on inspirational women, everyday inspirational women. Our aim is to inspire others. We hope you like their stories. First up we introduce you to Cheryl…



"As a mother and a woman I think we are naturally very nurturing. After spending many years doing things because I thought it was the right thing to do… my children started growing up and my life became somewhat more settled. At last I had a few moments to think about what I wanted and to question whether I really was living a life true to my beliefs and values. Something was stirring inside of me. At around the same time my uncle developed terminal cancer and during a visit he told me “Do the things you want to do now, as there may not be time later”. 

At a similar time a colleague of mine developed liver cancer. She and I had worked closely over the last seven years in the high-powered, high-pressured world of pharmaceuticals. Although we both had scientific backgrounds, we agreed that the work we did never really felt right but at the time it “ticked all the boxes” - great pay, company car, flexible hours to fit in with the family etc. My friend attributed her cancer in part to the stress of not being true to herself, and continuing with a life that deep down she knew wasn’t what she wanted.

So, inspired by my uncle and my friend, I decided to complete the 'life coaching' course I had been studying part-time over the last two years. Up until that point my study had been progressing very slowly.

I kicked into action, studied night and day -  I was on a mission to help others. I believe that once you have pure intent and you are following your life path, things fall into place. This certainly happened for me. Whenever I felt fearful of “will this work, can I really earn a living doing this?” I stopped myself and remembered my mission to help others. The strategies and processes I was learning and seeing in action with my training inspired me to realise I could help. But it wasn’t until I started working with my own clients that the satisfaction really came. To see that I could actually improve someone else’s life through coaching made me realise I was doing the right thing. Years ago I remember reading a quote that “if you do something you love as a job you will never work a day in your life”, that is certainly true for me.

I believe ‘giving’ is the key to happiness. If you are feeling down, reach out and do something for someone else, it’s a sure fire way to feel better.

I know I am on the right path when a client has an “ah ha moment”; it’s incredible that by simply changing perspective on a problem, the problem can disappear in a heartbeat. I find this immensely satisfying, especially with problems that people have carried around with them for many years. At last they can lay that baggage down and walk away from it.

I have helped Matt (my son) use this technique to see his dyslexia as a gift rather than a disadvantage. He has gone on to empower many other children with dyslexia via his online membership site. Matt has in turn inspired me with his outlandish dreams including meeting Sir Richard Branson, starting an online website to connect uni students to kiwi kids looking to be tutored, running live events to improve self-esteem in kids, all of which he has achieved simply because he believes it is his job to help others.


Matt And Branson

Cheryl's son Matt, fulfilling a dream of meeting Sir Richard Branson at a Leadership Conference


Now I look forward to each day. I feel it is important to take care of myself. You need to be the best you can be to help others be the best they can be. I now have a much more holistic view of life, I practise meditation daily, do Pilates, eat healthy wholefoods and mindful living is a key focus in my day."


Click here for information on Cheryl's life coaching services



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