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12 FREE ways to becoming even more attractive

12 FREE ways to becoming even more attractive

It was the free bit that got you didn’t it! Yep, 12 free ways. In fact, 3 of them will actually save you a lot of money! Let’s get straight to it:


1. SMILE.  A person is instantly more attractive when they smile.


 A Smile Is The Best Makeup



2. DRINK WATER - hydration is key to looking healthier and glowing. Ensure you drink enough water throughout the day. (Okay, for some of you this may not be free but it is for those who get to enjoy loads of fresh, quality running water from the tap.)


3. REST - find the time throughout your week to rest. You’re probably wondering what planet we’re from when we suggest this. Don’t worry, we are very mindful that you have a million and one things to do all day, every day. We’re with you on that one. But seriously, it is really important for your vitality to take the time to rest. Think about your week, are there times you could slot in for a rest?


Rest will mean different things to different people. Some may prefer to completely blob out, some to curl up with a book, magazine or listen to music. Meditation is also a good option.


You are important and so is your health and wellbeing. Make the time.


4. SLEEP - it’s not called “beauty sleep” for nothing you know.  Sleep is very important to your overall wellbeing, including your beauty.


Try to keep the same sleep patterns throughout the week - when you go to bed, when you rise. Rich coming from us, we love the weekends for sleeping in!


Try to avoid too much stimulation before bedtime - TV, work, computer, etc. Instead do relaxing things like have a bath, a shower, listen to soothing music.



5. BE HAPPY - when we are happy, it radiates from us and brings on a healthy glow, making us more attractive. Find what makes you happy and do loads of it. Laugh lots - funny movies, books, time with family or friends.


6. THINK - create and maintain a healthy and positive attitude towards yourself and life in general. When you’re positive and upbeat, it will show.



7. EXERCISE - regular exercise will have you looking and feeling great. In keeping with our ‘free theme’, walking and running are there for all to be enjoyed.


8. DE-STRESS - check out our earlier blog where we share 25 techniques for de-stressing. You’ll note some cross-overs with what we have here.



The following is not us wielding the big stick and telling you not to, instead it’s just reminding you of proven ways to enhance your vitality.  Reduce or eliminate the following from your life:








We appreciate everyone bangs on about the importance of all of these things all the time but they do so for good reason. The best part about this list? All these things are free, and in the cases of 9-11, will actually save you a lot money!

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