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10% is all it takes

10% is all it takes

Want to do something about your weight, fitness or muscle toning? It all seems too hard?


Well start by making a 10% difference in your routine - eat 10% less, drink 10% less alcohol, exercise 10% more.


Start with 10%. Reward and congratulate yourself (and no, not with food or alcohol). It’s unlikely you’ll notice much change with 10%, but reward yourself for sticking with it. Then increase it to say 20%. Small incremental changes are far more manageable and realistic than the ‘all or nothing’ approach.  




Figures similar to this are relayed frequently by personal trainers.



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We’re not for one moment suggesting calorie counting, but this does make you think!





Trelise Cooper, one of New Zealand's leading fashion designers, has recently lost 25kg. "I'm just doing sensible things like portion control, drinking less alcohol and exercising more." She says she's eating what she always ate, "just eating it in a lot smaller portions. I'm 25kgs lighter and I have never felt better in my life."


Information Source:  Sunday Star Times.  



Set yourself goals


Be sure to set yourself goals. It’s always so much easier when you’re working towards something. Celebrate your milestones along the way. Write your goals down. Tell a few people your goals - once you’re committed it’s hard to back down.




Remember, slow and steady wins the race :)




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