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not just about appearance

Or perhaps you just need a couple of ideas to help with your personal styling or clothes shopping?

Gorgeous Me is here to help - a practical DIY guide to your personal makeover with advice, tips, makeover demonstrations with everyday women, and support. Work out what colours and styles suit your body shape, join in discussions, ask us for advice, view in-season clothes and accessories and learn how to apply make-up.

We're all about helping you create your very own personal style. We will be adding to the website all the time, so be sure to keep visiting us. You can also help fellow members seek out their inner "Gorgeous Me" with your positive feedback and ideas - help one another, this is your space.

Our aim is that Gorgeous Me will be inspirational and supportive in the discovery of your gorgeous new self.

PS sometimes models have asked us not to reveal their name so we've given them a special Gorgeous Me one.

every women deserves to feel and look fab


Lisa Founder Gorgeous Me
Lisa Lyford - founder

"A while ago a friend told me she was ugly! I was stunned, I couldn't believe it - here's an outgoing, bubbly, fun-loving, attractive woman and that's what she thinks about herself!

She's not alone. A lot of women have hang ups, though I'd like to think my friend is at the extreme end of the scale.

This, and other examples, are what inspired me to create Gorgeous Me; a place where women can get guidance and support when developing their personal style, to gain knowledge and confidence, and ultimately to feel great.

A huge thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged me, and those that gave their professional expertise and guidance, you know who you are. Special special thanks to my gorgeous friends and family who modeled for me, stepping well outside of their comfort zones. And enormous love to my hubby and boys for believing in me and always being there - I am very lucky to have you."

Lisa has many years (read: "lots of years") experience in marketing, communications and advertising, including co-owning a successful marketing communications business. She started her career at the NZ Wool Board in fashion marketing and SR Gents in the UK, a large clothing manufacturer supplying to Marks & Spencers. Lisa is a trained image style consultant.

Lisa is married with two boys, lives in the coolest little capital in the world, and loves all things design - fashion, graphic, art, interior and architectural - not to mention food and wine. Three years ago she completed Outward Bound, which took her wayyyyyy outside her comfort zone and she rates it as one of her top achievements, and also what helped inspire her to create Gorgeous Me.

Bev Photographer
Bev Short - photographer

"After giving up commercial work over four years ago to pursue my art photography, I was drawn back in by Gorgeous Me as it seemed to be so much more than a commercial venture. It was something that was being created by women for women. As a strong advocate for all women, it made me want to be part of a team that was out to make the average woman feel good about herself."

Bev began photographing people as a child. The days of documenting her family and friends grew to her becoming a multi award-winning photographer both at home and abroad. Her career highlight was in 2012 with a three-month exhibition of her long-term personal project 'All Woman - A Modern Portrait of New Zealand Women' at the NZ Portrait Gallery, Wellington. During the three years it took Bev to complete the project, she travelled the length and breadth of New Zealand photographing and gathering the life stories of over 50 women.
Kristina Muollo
Kristina Muollo - Kristina Raffaele Hair & Beauty

"In this generation of image conscience people it is said not to judge a book by its cover. However, it is perfectly natural to judge people by the way they present themselves. At Kristina Raffaele we believe everyone has a natural beauty. Some people just need help to believe in themselves so they can feel good and see what others see. This we believe can be a life changing journey.

We at Kristina Raffaele specialise in making every woman and man look and feel great for who they are. We help them find their true beauty by enhancing their features and helping disguise the ones they feel uncomfortable about.

We feel passionate about making people look their best. It’s because of this passion and belief that when presented with the opportunity to work with Gorgeous Me, Kristina jumped at the chance – to help everyone feel gorgeous."

Kathy - designer/art director
Kathy Clear - designer/art director

"When Lisa first approached me with her concept for 'Gorgeous Me', I thought it was a brilliant idea. As women, we are always so hard on ourselves and often we're so busy that we lose sight of the image we'd like to portray.

I work in a very image-conscious, youth based industry and I know (from personal experience!) that getting older poses really big style challenges. It's so easy to get stuck in a style rut. Dressing fashionably and adapting styles to a changing (by that I mean expanding,) body shape can be a minefield. I think 'Gorgeous Me' has come along just in the nick of time and I'm honoured to be involved!"

Kathy is an experienced and award-winning designer/art director. She has worked in New Zealand and Australia and is currently based in London, UK. Her recent work has included the design of a new global magazine for the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, an extensive internal branding programme for Teva Pharmaceuticals North America and art direction for Marks and Spencer UK. As a bit of a change of direction, Kathy is now studying to become a nutritionist which she believes will be very complementary with the 'Gorgeous Me' ethos and is looking forward to a new challenge, alongside her design career.


Letisha Tate-Dunning - stylist and writer

"For me, looking gorgeous is just as much about feeling gorgeous on the inside. I have always believed that some of the most gorgeous women in the world are those who are fully comfortable in their own skin. I love that Gorgeous Me will show women that you don't need lots of money or a stick-thin frame to look great, while also reaffirming that feeling gorgeous and confident is just as important."

Letisha works for Lisa's marketing communications company during the day and moonlights as a Gorgeous Me contributor. She is the resident online shopping expert (which Lisa can strongly vouch for by the abundance of packages that arrive at the office) and has previously worked in events and as an online marketing specialist. She has a huge passion for art and art history and if she's not online shopping, she's most likely reading art and design blogs. Oh and one more thing, she's seen Ryan Gosling in real life - settle down cougars!
Sharon Hill - stylist and writer

"It's important to me that my friends and family feel great about themselves, and more broadly that women in society feel confident and happy in their own bodies. Gorgeous Me cares... that's different and appealing in today's world.. I love it and am excited to be part of it!"

Self-described as a magpie and a hoarder, Sharon has always happily furnished herself and her house on a budget. Clothes swaps, dumpster diving and hauling furniture off the side of the road has frequently embarrassed her hubby but never her kids, who also enjoy finding 'treasure'.

As mum of three and despite being only vaguely feminine, Sharon does actually take some notice of how she looks approximately 75% of the time or until her eyebrows meet in the middle. With a long profession in wrangling words, most recently web content, Sharon squeezes in being an artist and writer when she can, and a scavenger always.
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