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Melissa, 40


AGE 40
HEIGHT 171cm (5'7)

Top Heavy Top Heavy


Deep & Clear








Melissa's photos are below her story. 




"I lost 40KGS in 10 months, & still counting!


I'll start with the easy stuff. My greatest achievement in life, other than having my son Taylor, who’s now 18, is losing 40kgs (as of Friday last week)! My goal is to lose a further 20kgs.  


I live in the city and commute to the country on the weekends to be with my partner Karlos and his son.


Between the gym (Les Mills) and spending weekends away, there isn’t a lot of time for any other interests, though I do enjoy watching a good thriller to relax.  


I'm at the gym five mornings a week, two of these are personal training sessions with Miles Cranston, Bodies Alive Training.  Miles has been a big part of my weight loss journey, he keeps me inspired and motivated. He can read me well and will always give me a boost when he can see I’m starting to give up. Miles refers to me as his “champion” and “legend”, he is my inspiration. I must admit, there are times when I want to throw the ‘20kg sand bag he wants me to carry up the stairs’ at him - just a thought!


My most embarrassing moment was at the gym when I fell over while attempting by my first burpee! My tummy got in the way when I was trying to jump up and sent me flying backwards, I was so embarrassed.


Last year my trainer suggested I participate in the ‘Wellington Around the Bays Fun Run/Walk’. At first I laughed, there was no way I was going to "run" anywhere let alone out in public.  I completed the 6.5kms in 57mins, which well exceeded my expectations. I was so proud of myself for the first time in many years.


I have often thought over the years "what if" I had made this choice instead of that one but then I sit back and think about all the positive things in my life, all the great things I have done and experienced. If I went back and changed anything then I wouldn't be the person that I am today. I'm not perfect, I have faults just like anybody, I have done the best I can and I'm proud to be me :) 


I entered into this makeover competition as I really need help with how to dress (feels weird saying this at the age of 40!). I find myself in the same stores I have always shopped at and reaching for the same big sizes before I realise I don’t need these they are far too big now.  I'm so used to covering up the bulges and bumps that I don't know what looks good. My partner tells me things look great but I'm not convinced. I thought an expert opinion would be a fantastic opportunity. I have an empty wardrobe and half empty drawers and would love to fill them up but the thought of shopping on my own is very daunting, I haven't been this size since I was in my late teens.


With regards to losing 40kgs, I have done this through exercise and eating healthy, no pills, drinks, powders or any of the other types of fad diets. I'm not using any protein powders, although I did sample some early on and didn't like them. I eat 1,500 calories per day and carbohydrates alternate days, these are usually on the days I am working out with the trainer.  Most of my old habits like 'not eating breakfast' or having takeaways 3-4 times a week are a distant memory.  There is still the odd occasions where chocolate or even a packet of chippies may be required and I no longer beat myself up about these moments as there is nothing wrong with a treat now and then." Melissa




 Pink Heart Flipped



melissa'S makeover story continues below






Please note, that nearly all items are available in Australia and New Zealand either in store or online. Please also note, we have listed the full prices of items but many of them are currently on sale.






Melissa has the 'top heavy' gorgeous body shape, meaning the width of her shoulders are wider than her hips, think 'inverted triangle'.

The trick with this body shape is to accentuate your bottom half and play down your top half, where you can, visually trying to balance the top and the bottom halves. By "play down" we mean keep your styles and colours simple and plain. Visual balance is the key.



 Big Top Half





Melissa suits our Deep & Clear colour palettes - her hair is naturally dark brown, as are her eyes, eyebrows and lashes and her skin is fair. She's what you call a Winter in the 'seasonal' colour palette. She looked amazing in bold bright colours like red, pink and purple, but also colours like teal. And she suited black, but that's not to say her wardrobe should swim in it - just saying :)


Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Deep

Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Clear 



Please note, colours vary from computer screen to computer screen, printer to printer. 

It's also important to note, that even though there are 'colour palettes' for different profiles, not all colours within those palettes will suit everyone. 



melissa's HAIR


Gorgeous Me Makeover - Melissa May '15 (09)

Melissa at Servilles Ponsonby, here with Diane her hair stylist

Another ponytail kid! Yep, another gorgeous woman who mostly wears her hair in a ponytail for ease and practicality. We get that, we so get that. However, your hair is a real asset in terms of your appearance and you should enjoy it for all it's worth. Your hair helps to frame and enhance your facial features. From the photos above we can see the difference it makes to Melissa.


Melissa has been colouring her hair at home, a red colour, a tone that was fighting against her natural skin colouring. Diane from Servilles stripped the colour out and chose a dark, warm brown for the base with a slightly lighter brown on top. Diane introduced a soft, side sweeping fringe and styling around the face to enhance Melissa’s features. Diane opted for a shorter style, cutting three inches off in places. It's a style that Melissa will easily be able to manage, which is a big thing considering she's at the gym five days a week.


Gorgeous Me LOVES the team at Servilles.









Melissa'S Makeup 

Gorgeous Me Makeover - Melissa May '15 (22)

Melissa was given the royal treatment at Smashbox in Ponsonby


We were lucky enough to have two makeup artists working on Melissa's makeup - Dom and Kathleen. They chose warm colours to complement and accentuate Melissa's features, topped with a delicious plum coloured lipstick.


Here's the product they used - all Smashbox: Primer - Clear, Liquid Halo Foundation, Halo Hydrating Mineral Powder, Lid Primer, Brow Tech Trio Powder, Hydrating Undereye Primer, Photo Op Undereye Brightener, Full Exposure Eye Shadow Palette, Eye shadow Trio - Focal point, Jet Set Eye liner, Full Exposure mascara, Figgy lip liner, Plum Scene Lipstick and Illume lipgloss


Sig -logos -sbc 9c 78b








This has been one of the best experiences I have ever had, I feel like I am finally the beautiful woman I always hoped to be! 

As a result of this fantastic makeover I feel more relaxed and confident in myself to make the right choices when it comes to clothes shopping, I know I will enjoy any shopping now. I now have an understanding of how to dress my shape, what colours suit my skin tone and my fantastic new hair colour. No more red hair dye I promise Diane! I will only touch up the roots instead or I may even leave it to the professionals, after all I deserve treats now and then.

I’ve never really worn make up so have been a bit unsure what to do and what suits me so I'll be experimenting a little using the tips I received from the wonderful ladies Dom and Kathleen at Smashbox. 


If I was told a year ago I would have lost 40kgs and then won a fabulous make over competition, I would have laughed at them. I never dreamed any of this was possible. I was almost resigned to living a life of discomfort and pain until I decided to nervously take that first step and start working with a personal trainer. To anyone else who may be struggling losing weight, no matter how much you want to lose, 5 kgs or 80kgs, believe in yourself as it is possible, one step at a time.   


The messages of support and congratulations from family and friends leading up to the makeover were at times a bit emotionally overwhelming but they are words that will stay with me and will help me through the tougher moments during the next stages of my weight loss journey.  


A huge thank you to you Lisa for making this opportunity possible for me and so many other deserving people! I’m still floating on a cloud from all this special treatment.



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